to whom

Medals and Diplomas were Awarded.

The following abbreviations are used:
G.M. for Gold Medal; S.M. for Silver Medal; B.M. for Bronze Medal; 
H.M. for Honorable Mention; C.M. for Commemorative Medals; H.C. for 
Highly Commendatory and C. for Commendatory.

Abbott, Emerson T.       B.M. St. Joe Hives adapted to modern methods in                                                            
Acklin, Mrs. H. G.       S.M. White Clover Extracted Honey
"      "   "  "          S.M. White Clover Comb Honey.
Acteson, C.B. Prest.,    G.M. Artificial Graphite
Carborundum Co.
Adams, J.L.              B.M. Bartlett Pears; Flemish Pears.
Adams, W. J.             S.M. Victor Water Heater.
Adams Co. Neb.           G.M. Educational Work.
Adamson, Mrs. J.         S.M. Table Linens.
Adler, Max.              C.M. Chf. of German Press Bureau, Dept. of Publicity
and Promotion.
Aerniotor, C.            G.M. Best Pumping Windmill.
Agricultural Coll.
Fargo, N.D.         	 G.M. Soils.
Agricultural Coll.       
Oregon.             	 B.M. Soils.
Akenbright, W. J.        H.M. Wolf River Apples
Akers & Co.              B.M. Draper
Acklin, Mrs. G. H.       S.M. White Clover Comb Honey and White Clover Extract
Albright, H. S.          B.M. Display of Shoes.
Allen Tripoli Co.        S.M. Tripoli cut in various forms for water filters
Allen & Schneider Co.    S.M. Maccaroni & Vermicelli.
Althonse Brothers        B.M. Stones Eureka Apples, Winter Pearman apples.
Albors & Schneider Co.   S.M. Flakes, Wheat, Oats, Rye; Flour,- Buck Wheat and
Wheat Flour
Allen, Geo. L.           H.M. Small Fruits
Albien, H. A.            S.M. Fuller's Earth.
Albrith, P. H.           B.M. Corn and Wheat.
Allen, E. D.             G.M. Interior Decoration of Exposition Buildings.
Almquist, A. B.          B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Albion Milling Co.       B.M. Wheat, Bran and very fine Flour.
The Altman Infant
Incubator & Scientific   G.M. Infant Incubator Hygenia, nursing bottle
Instrument Co. Ltd            Feeding appliance for newly forn infants.
Allen, R. D.             G.M. Fresh and Evap. Dosch Plums
Arnold, B. J.            H.M. Mechanical Drawings.
Archarena Co.            B.M. Game Board.
Armour & Co.             G.M. Vigorgl and Beef Extract.
Armour & Co.             S.M. Exhibit of Packing House Product.
"      "               	 G.M. Laundry Soaps
Armstrong, J. B.         S.M. Four varieties of corn.
Arapahoe Co., Colo.      S.M. General Collection of Fruits.
Armstrong, H. G.         S.M. Butter scoring above 97 points.
Armsburger, W. D.        B.M.   "       "      "   95   "
"      , E. J.        	 S.M.   "       "      "   97   "
Arnold, Bion J.          G.M. Engineering designs shown in Drawings
Asquith, A.              H.M. Miniature Steam Engine.
Ashtabula Tool Co.       S.M. Agriculatural Hand Tools.
Atwood, H. G.            B.M. Pears and Apples.
Atwater, H. P.           G.M. Collection of Natural Historic Relics
Atchison County          H.M. Corn from Atchison Co.
Ataka Coal Mining Co.    H.M. Exhibit.
Atchison Pav. Brick Co.  B.M. Paving Brick.
Atchison Pub. Schools    G.M. Educational Work.
Austin Powder Co.        G.M. General Powder Display
"      "     "         	 B.M. Loaded paper shot Gun Cartridges.
Austien, Tomlinson &
Webster Mfg. Co.         S.M. Jackson Farm Wagon.
Avery Planter Co.        G.M. Complete Threshing Outfit.
Averhill, T. M. & Co.    S.M. Mounted Elk.
Aws, M. O.               B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Axford Incubator Co.     H.M. Incubator.
Azure Turquoise Mining
Co.                      G.M. Cut Turquoise, in all shapes and sizes
								Rough Turquoise in the Matrix.
Baker Walter & Co.       G.M. Chocolates.
Baldwin Loco Works       G.M. Genreal Display of Locomotives
Baker, Walter & Co.      S.M. Cocoa Butter
"       "      "         G.M. Best Breakfast Cocoa.
Battle Creek Steam Pump  G.M. Marsh Steam Pump
Barber, A. H. Bar & Co.  G.M. Pasteurizing Mach. Ice Mach. Refrig. Mach.
Bailey, H. H.            H.M. Grimes Gold Medal.
Bates, Alanson           S.M. Fruit Press.
Bartholomew, Co. The     S.M. Peanut Roasters and corn popper.
Barber, A. H. & Co.      S.M. Combination churn and Butter Worker.
Bachman, Mrs. Fannie     H.M. Ceramics.
Banning Bros.            G.M. Specimen of Mounted Fish.
Barton, G. D.            H.M. Peaches and Plums in liquid.
Bazee, J. T.             B.M. Mounted Pheasants.
Bay Gustave              G.M. Triplicate Mirrors.
"   "                    G.M. Cutlery Spoons, etc.
Barrier Dallas Sanitar-
ium, Dr.                 S.M. Appliances for deformed limbs.
Balduff, W. S.           S.M. Chocolates and bonbons.
Bartlett, F. L.          S.M. Exhibit of "Bartlett Concentrator"
Barnard, Clyde H.        G.M. General assortment of fruits.
Barrett, W. W.           H.M. Collection of woods.
Barker, John             H.M. Specular Iron
Barsum, H. O.            H.M. Tripoli.
Banning, H.              G.M. Antique Specimens of Yerde Antique.
Barbour, Prof. H.F.      G.M. Unique Collection of the soils and other                              
minerals of Nebraska and for the care shown in their installation.
Baker, Clarence E.       H.M. Exhibit of Apples.
Barrett, W.W.            B.M. Rye.
Barnery, F.L.            B.M. Fall and winter apples.
Banker, Wm. Sturgeon.    H.M. Collection apples.
Bailey, R.H.             H.M. White Corn.
Barrett, W.W.            G.M. Pyramid No. 1 Scotch Fife Wheat.
"        "               S.M. Sylostion Collection.
Barthell, Louis Garfield.S.M. Collection of fruits.
Bangs, C.J.              S.M. Butter scoring above 97.
Balduff, W.S.            G.M. Chocolate Bonbons.
Baird, Getty Soap Co.    S.M. Laundry Soap "Wash-a-lone."
Bauer, Herman.           G.M. American self toning paper.
Bassett, S.C.            G.M. For butter scoring highest.
Baugh, David.            G.M. Valuable serivces in connection with
Fine Arts Exhibit.
Baum, Helen.             H.M. Invalid table.
Bassett, S.C.            G.M. Assistant Superintendent Dairy Barn.
Babcock, W.N.            C.M. Director, Ex. Com. Mgr. Transportation
Barnes, F.L.             B.M. Seedling Apples.
Bandmann, D.E.           B.M. Exhibit of apples, fresh and in jars.
Benz, Geom. & Co.        S.M. Uncle Sam's Monogram Whiskey.
"       "      "         G.M. Vitaline Grape Brandy.
Bettendorf, Axel Co.     S.M. Steel wagons and trunks.
Berry Co. Horticultural  G.M. Display of fruits.
Belle City, Mfg. Co.     S.M. Thresher & Feed Cutter.
Beveridge & Beveridge.   G.M. Cured Figs, "These figs cured by an
								entirely different process.
Berkhardt, C.G.          S.M. Prunes, cherries, plums, etc.
Benson, Mrs. J.          S.M. General Display of Ladies Furnishings.
Berger, Wm. M.           B.M. Weather Strip.
Benz & Son, Geo.         S.M. "Appetine" Bitters.
Benjamin, Marcus.        B.M. Display of Pipes.
Beltzer, F.A.            H.M. Box of Bullion containing Malachites.
"       "                  Azurites, Porphyry, Quartz, Silver
Silicates & Iron.
Bell. W.A.               B.M. Collection of fruits.
Bennett & Dieshond,      B.M. Alfalfa Comb Honey.
"         "           	 B.M. Alfalfa Comb and Extracted Honey.
Bell, W.W.               S.M. Case of wool.
Benson, Mrs. Della.      S.M. Designs in Beeswax.
Bergsgather, K. S.       B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Bennett, J.R.            B.M.    "      "       "   "    "
Block, F.E., Co.         S.M. Red Cedar shingles.
Beckwith, P.D. Estate.   S.M. Display of Round Oak Stoves.
Bell, Clark E.           B.M. Granulated Honey.
Benz & Son, Geo.         G.M. Appetine Bitters.
Benjamin, Marcusm.       M.   Juror.
Beardshear, Wm.          M.     "
Benjamin, Mrs. Marcus.   M.     "
Bennett, W.V.            M.   Gen. Mgr. Canada Exhibit.
Bentelrock, J.           G.M. Dental Instruments.
Bemis Omaha Bag Co.      G.M. Bags and twine.
Bemis Omaha Bag Co.(Boston)G.M. Bags and twine.
"     "    "  (St. Louis)      "    "    "
"     "    " (Minneapolis)     "    "    "
Bishop & Co.             S.M. Crystallized Fruit Candied Citron.
"       "                G.M. Preserved Fruits, Pickled Fruits and Fruit 
Billings, G.F.           B.M. Kavlin and dishes made from Kavlin.
Binder & Co., E.         S.M. Wood Carvings.
Bingham & Co.            B.M. Corn Flour.
Bingham, D.G.            B.M. Plums/ apples and strawberries.
Bishop & Co.             G.M. Best display of Fruit pickles.
Bishop, Edw. F.          C.M. Vice-President for Colorado.
Bidwell, Geo. F.         C.M. Director.
Blicksederfer, H.        H.M. Collection of Apples.
Blythe, B.M.             H.M. Mangelwortzel Beets.
Blanke Bros. Candy Co.   S.M. Cocoa.
Blair Horse  Collar Co.  H.M. Horse Collars.
Blythe, B.M.             B.M. Tobacco.
Blossom, F.A.            H.M. Gold, silver and lead ores.
Black Hills S. Dak.      S.M. Diversified Collection of Ores, Minerals, Etc.
Blue Earth Roller Mills. S.M. Minnesota Flour.
Baldwin, J.H.            B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Blanton, Prof. J.B.      M.   Juror.
Blickensderfer Mfg. Co.  G.M. Typewriter.
Bludworth & Root         G.M. Best  spiral twist water pipe.
Boone Co. Horticultural  
Society.                 B.M. Display of fruits, 75 plates.
Birdsey & Somers.        B.M. Corsets.
Bowsher, N.P. Co.        B.M. Feed Mills.
Bookwater, Mrs. Jos.     B.M. Water color.
Boone Co. Milling Co.    B.M. Wheat, Bran, Very Fine Flour.
Boneys Pearl Dentri-
fied Co.                 H.M. Pearl Dentrified.
Bommer Bros.             G.M. Display of Spring Horses.
Bonnedfont, F.           B.M. Terra Cotta Majolica and Bisque.
Boyer, G.                B.M. Carved Bone Ware.
Bohn Mfg. Co.            S.M. Refrigerators.
Bolon, Robert C.         S.M. Wire Stretcher.
Bohmann, Joseph.         C.M. Stringed Musical Instruments.
Boston & Montana Min-    
ing Co.                  G.M. Copper produced by the Electrolytic process.
Bonelli, Daniel.         B.M. Samples of Mica.
Booher & Alberti.        H.M. Mineral Soap.
Bonanza Mining Co.       H.M. Gold Base Ore.
Bomgardner, Wm.          S.M. Collectin of apples.
Boynton, W.J.            B.M. Shropshire Wool.
Boone, Co. Neb.          S.M. Agricultural Exhibit.
Bohen Mfg. Co.           G.M. Refrigerators in Dairy Buildings.
Book S.P.                G.M. Butter scoring highest.
Bossnot, J.H.            B.M.    "      "    above 95 points.

Bozeman Agricultural
College.                 G.M. Educational Work of Pupils.
Boone Co. Neb.           G.M.    "         "         "
Bookwalter, J.W.         G.M. Valuable serivces in connection with Fine Arts
Bohrisch, Richard.       S.M. Patent Window Frames.
Borsenlanger, Amea.      H.M. Needle Work.
Bommer. Bros.            G.M. Display of Spring Hinges.
Bruks, Alsterms.         S.M. Artificial Leather.
Brandsville Fruit Co.    B.M. Norton's Virginia Grapes.
Brown, Geo. W.           S.M. Corn Planters of all descriptions.
Brennan & Co.            S.M. Disc Press Mill.
Brown Mfg. Co.           S.M. Cultivators of all descriptions.
Briggs, John.            H.M. Prunes in Liquid.
Briggs, A.               H.M. Gregg Raspberries in Liquid.
Bristow Bros.            B.M. Nashville Prunes, Evaporated.
Brimble, Markm.          H.M. Kelsey Japan Plums in Liquid.
Briggs Spense Co.        G.M. Eureka Lemons.
Brown, Cyrus.            B.M. Greening Apples, Bellflower and Winter
"     "                    		Nellis Pears.
Brotje, J.T.             S.M. Seven varieties of grapes.
Bridgeport Gun Imple-
ment Co.                 S.M. Golf Sticks.
Brandies & Sons, J.L.    S.M. General Mercantile Display.
Breteau, H.              S.M. Limoges Enamel and Miniatures.
Brown & Sons, Jno. S.    S.M. Display of Linens.
Brunswick, Balke, Col-   
lender Co.               G.M. Billiard and Pool Table Exhibit.
Brolun, Jennie           G.M. China Painting.
Brennan, Pat.            H.M. Flax.
Brown, Chas. F.          S.M. Quartz Crystals.
Brandelmeyer, Joseph.    H.M. Building Stone and Ore.
British Columbia,        B.M. Gold, Silver, Copper and lead Ores.
Brooks, Mrs. C.S.        B.M. Butter Sculpture.
Bridal Veil Lumber Co.   G.M. Plank of Noble Firs.
Brown, Mr.               H.M. Collection of Apples.
Bryant, C.A.             H.M. Hydro Silicon, Silver Polish.
Bruce, C.A.R.            S.M. Apples and Pears.
Browne, R.T.             G.M. Designs for Interior Decoration of
Exposition Buildings.
Brown & Sons, John S.    G.M. Dipslay of Linens.
Brown, Jennie.           H.M. China Painting.
Brown & Son, John S.     G.M. Table Linens, Damask, etc.
Bradish, W.K.            G.M. Valuable services in connection with
the Fine Arts Exhibit.
Braun, Mess. Ad. & Cie.  G.M. Valuable services in connection with
the Fine Arts Exhibit.
Bright, H.V.             H.M. Turnstiles.
Brunswick Balke, Col-
lender Co.               G.M. Billiard and Pool Tables & Bar Fixtures.
Brooks, Mrs. N.H.        G.M. Embroidery.
Bruner, T.K.             M.   Juror.
Brandies, J.L.           C.M. Director.
Brown, J.J.              C.M.    "

Bruce, E.E.              C.M. Director, Member of Executive Com. and
								Manager of Department of Exhibits.
Brown,                   H.M. Collection of apples.
Bruning, F.              H.M. Peaches and Pears.
Nuerfield, Mellone.      S.M. Ceramics.
Buckingham, Mrs. Maggie  B.M. 70 plates of Winesap apples.
Bush, G.C. & Co.         H.M. White Dent Corn.
Burkhardt Co. Wm.        H.M. Moose & Buffalo Heads.
Buffalo Scale Co.        G.M. Recording Railroad Track Scale Beam
"     "    "         	 S.M. (Combination Beam for hay scales. Colum-
								(bian Automatic scale.  Queen City Gro-
								(cers scale.  Agate bearing counter scale
								(Physician's scale.  Fancy Latch Beam
								(Platform scales and Cheese Factory
Burnes, Mrs. J.J.        H.M. China Painting.
Buffalo Forge Co.        S.M. General Exhibit.
Burlington Vinegar
Pickle Works,            S.M. Pickles. Vinegar etc.
Burington & Mo. Riv.
Ry Co.                   G.M. Beautiful Pictorial Display in Grains.
Burpee, W. Atlee              Roses, Cannas and Sweet Peas.
Buskirk, A.M.            B.M. Miner's Cnadlesticks.
Bullion Beck Mining
& Milling Co.            B.M. Gold, silver, copper and lead ores.
Burkem, John,            S.M. Collection of Sapphires.
Burke, Wm.               H.M. Cinnebar Mercury Silver Flasks, Two
Butcher, M.D.J.B.        H.M. Depilatory.
Buffalo Co. Neb.         G.M. Educatinals Work.
Buffalo Co. Reform Schl. G.M. Educational Work, Pen Drawing, sewing
								Tailoring and Shoe Making.
Burk & Chapman,          B.M. Blocks of Paving Stones.
Butler Co. Neb.          S.M. Educational Work.
Buck, Amos.              B.M. Exhibit of Apples.
Burt Co. Neb.            B.M. Agricultural Exhibit.
"    "   "               S.M. Educational Work.
Busse, Mr. Geo.          G.M. Valuable services in connection with
the Fine Arts Exhibit.
Burlington Basket Co.    S.M. Baskets of all descriptions.
Bushane, Mrs.            G.M. Honiton Lace.
Bulkey, Mrs. L.          G.M. Leather work.
Budd, J.L.               S.M. 40 Varieties Cherries.
Bryan, F.C.              H.M. Moorpart Apricots in Liquid.
Cary, Mrs. C.H.          H.M. Combination  Cloak and Overshoe Stand.
Carter & Holmes,         S.M. Display of Neckwear.
California FIg Syrup Co. H.M. California Fig Syrup.
Cambell Solon D.         S.M. "Up-to-Date" Gate Hangings.
Carpenter Paper Co.      B.M. General Display of Paper.
California Fish Co.      G.M. Sardines.
Cardenas, Amador.        S.M. Mexican Onyx.
Case I.I. Mfg. Co.       G.M. Best Threshing Machine.
Caldwell Co.             H.M. Corn from Caldwell Co.
Carson, J.T.             B.M. 6 Plates of Minkler apples.
Callen, James.           H.M. Two plates Kieffer Pears.
Cardwell, J.R.           B.M. Yellow Egg Plums and Pears in Liquid.
Cawston & Cockburn.      G.M. Ostritch feathers, boas, Parasol & Cape.
California Cream         G.M. California Cream of Lemon "Produce of
Lemon Co.                     the lemon.
Cahnenge Lemon Grower's  
Association.             B.M. Eureka Lemons.
Carter, Mrs. Walter.     B.M. Shell Work.
Campbell, W.D.           G.M. (Mexican Leather Goods, Mexian Wax
								(Work, Mexican Needlework and California
Carrigus & Co.           G.M. Boiler Cleaner.
Case, Mrs. N.W.          H.M. China Painting.
Carter White lead Co.    G.M. White Lead.
Cass Co. No. Dakota.     B.M. Grains and Grasses.
Capitol City Vitrified
Brick and Paving Co.     B.M. Paving Brick.
Cannnon, P.H.            B.M. Gold, silver and lead ores.
Campion, John.           S.M. Display of native gold from "Little
Carthage Marble & White  S.M. Carthage Marble, sawed, cut
Lime Co.                      and dressed to show the qualities 
								of the stone when it is worked.
Carborundum Co.          S.M. A large section of a Carborundum furnace.
Case & Son, A.E.         B.M. Grains.
Calloway, Thos. C.       S.M. Colection of fruits.
Carrie, David.           S.M. Three varieties peaches.
Canadian Co.             B.M. Oklahoma Flour.
Candy Roller Mills.      S.M. Minnesota Flour.
Casper Co. Neb.          S.M. Educational Work.
Cothier, Henry.          B.M. Collection of Apples.
Cave, Alfred.            H.M. Exhibit of Apples.
Cartin, Dan.             G.M. Wheat.
Cahoun, Ira E.           G.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Cawker Creamery Co., The B.M.    "      "      "   95   "
Carpenter R.H.           B.M.    "      "      "   95   "
Capager, M.M.            B.M.    "      "      "   95   "
Carpenter, W.H.          B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Cambria Coal Co.         S.M. Coal & Coke.
Cartwright. T.P.         C.M. Com. Shoe and Leather Section.
Carney, J.U.             S.M. Specimen of Crystallised Galena.
Cantalina Conserving Co. S.M. Canned Lobsters.
Cagney Bros.             G.M. Miniature Railroad in operation.
Carthage Filter Co.      B.M. Tripoli Filter.
Carson, W.M.             C.M. Service as General Bookkeeper.
Cartahge Marble & White
Lime Co.                 S.M. Carthage marble sawed, cut and dressed to show
								the qualities of the stone when it is worked.
Carper, Mrs. Minette S.  S.M. Burnt wood and leather.
Campbell, J.N.           C.M. Neb. Com. Art Section.
Caldwell, W.H.           M.   Juror.
Carter, Henry.           M.     "
Carpenter, I.W.          C.M. Director.
Carothers, A.A.          G.M. Collection of fresh apples.

Case, T-M Co.            G.M. Threshing machinery. Complete Threshing
Cassell, Mrs. J.N.       H.M. George Washington Dinner Plate.
Cereal Food Co.          S.M. Cupid Brand Hulled Corn.
Central School Supply   
House.                   G.M. School Supplies.
Centennial Eureka Mil-
ling & Mining Co.        B.M. Gold, Silver & Copper Ores.
Cedar C. Neb.            S.M. Edcational Work.
Century Pub. Co.         G.M. Valuable services in connection with 
								Fine Arts Exhibit.
Chicago & N.W. Ry Co.    G.M. Stand Ticket Office and Railroad map
								of lines.
Chicago Flexible Shaft   G.M. Horse Clipping Machine.
Chicago Edison Co.       G.M. General Display Electric appliances.
Chicago Art Institute.   S.M. Exhibit of art work of students.
Chisholm & Moore Mfg. Co.G.M. Best chain hoists and door hangers.
Chicago Steel Post and
Tie Co.                  S.M. Triangular steel Fence Post and
Metal Gate.
Chicago Corset Co.       S.M. Kobo Corsets.
Chicago Scale Co.        G.M. Best Stock and Hay Scales.
Chambon Hippolito.       B.M. Yellow Raw Silk.
Children & Sons.         S.M. New Badger Cultivator.
Chew, E.E.               B.M. Mother apples.
Chamber of Commerce.     B.M. Silk Cocoon Portiers.
Chase & Bissell          S.M. Display of Chemicals.
Charles Co. Thos.        G.M. Kindergarten Supplies.
Chalmel, Gustave.        B.M. Varnishes and dentrifices.
Chicago Artificial Limb.
Company.                 G.M. Artificial Limbs.
Christian Science Ass'n. H.M. Literature.
Chicago R.I. & Pac. Ry.  G.M. Splendid Agricultural Display.
Cherokee-Lanyon Spelter  S.M. Metallic Zinc.
Christy Fire Clay Co.    S.M. Samples of Pot Washed Clay.
Chapin Bros.             G.M. Collection of cut Flowers.
Christie, D.S.           B.M. General Collection of Fruits.
Chanvin, C.              H.M. Minerals and Curios.
Chambers, R.C., Prest.
M. & M. Co.              B.M. Silver ore.
Chappel, E.H.            B.M. Fall and winter apples.
Cherry Co. Nebr.         S.M. Educational Work.
Cheyenne Co. Nebr.       S.M. Educational Work.
Christenson, E.L.        B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
"       C.P.        	 S.M.    "      "      "   97   "
Chappell, W.L.           B.M. Cheese.
Chicago R.I. & Pac. Ry.  G.M. Agricultural Exhibit.
Chase, Arthur.           G.M. Superintendent Bureau of Admissions, Department
						of Ways & Means, in recognition of honorable services.
Chapman, Mrs. Jos. N.    S.M. Embroidery.
Charlton, Paul.          C.M. Prest. Western Art Ass'n, Fine Arts
								Section, valuable serivces.
Chase F.N.               G.M. Secretary Iowa Commission.
Childs & Co.             G.M. Production of Artistic Medal.
City of Great Falls      B.M. Sandstone for Building.
Citizens of Ledwich Co.  B.M. Ear Corn, cats in straw, wheat, etc.
Citizens of Summer Co.,  
Ks.                      H.M. Corn.
Clary, W.B.              H.M. Lowell Apples.
Clonbrock Steam Boiler  
Co.                      G.M. Climax Boilers.
Cleveland Twist Drill Co.G.M. Twist Drills.
Clisbe Bros. Mfg. Co.    G.M. Tool Grinding Machinery.
Clinton Co.              H.M. Corn from Clinton County.
Cleveland Faucet Co.     G.M. Display of faucets, beer pumps, etc.
Clayton & Lambert.       H.M. Gasoline Soldering Torches.
Clemmer, Mrs. A.D.       S.M. Sylvanite.
Clute & Son, L.G.        G.M. Large Collection of corn.
Clute, L.G.              G.M. Cereals/grains, grases and seeds.
Clute, C.A.              B.M. Grains.
Clarenden, Edith A.      B.M. Pen work.
Clute, L.G.              S.M. White Clover extracted from Honey.
Clute, L.G.              B.M. Aslike Comb Honey.
"     "                  H.M. Dandelion Comb Honey.
"     "                  B.M. Heartsease Comb Honey.
"     "                  S.M. Linden extracted Honey.
"     "                  B.M. (Linden Comb Honey, recommended for
								(purity, flavor and general excellence.
"     "                  S.M. White Clover Comb Honey.
Clay Co. Neb.            S.M. Educational Work.
Close, George.           H.M. Aslike Clover Honey.
Cleveland Faucet Co.     G.M. Gen. Display of faucets, beer pumps..
Clatsop Mill Co.         G.M. Immense Spruce Plank and finishing Lumber.
Clauss Shlos Co.         G.M. Display of fine cutlery.
Clarke, F.W.             M.   Juror.
Clarkson, W.H.           S.M. Butter scoring 96 Points.
"      Thaddeus S.       C.M. General Manager of the Exposition.
Cotton Belt Route St.
Louis Ry.                G.M. Fine Display of products of territory.
Computing Scales of      G.M. Computing scales.
Dayton, Ohio.
Conrad, John.            H.M. Chinese Cling Peaches.
Compania Manufactura
de Hute-Orizaba.         B.M. "Santa Gerlandis" Jute.
Cornish Curtis and Green G.M. Boyd's ripening vat, milk weigher,
								Wizard churn and worker vats.
Cochran, N.              S.M. Riding cutivator and harrow.
Clumbia Canning Co.      S.M. Royal Chinook Salmon.
Courtney, J.F.           G.M. Prunes, plums, etc.
Collins, Ben.            B.M. Lemon cling peaches, Yellow Botan plums
and Burbank plums.
Collingridge, F.R.       B.M. Biethiemer apples, Skinners Pippins.
Cole Mfg. Co.            S.M. Hot blast heater.
Conley, Carris E.        H.M. China Painting.
Covey, Mrs. X.F.         H.M. China Painting and water colors.
Coudray, F.              B.M. Soaps, perfumes, etc.
Colmont,                 B.M. Opera, field and marine glasses.
Cornu,                   H.M. Gluten Capsules.
Crown Milling Co.        G.M. Minnesota Flour.
Commercial Club of Bir-  
mingham, Ala.            H.M. Silk Culture.
Cormely et File.         B.M. Embroidery machines.
Colorado Onyx Co.        S.M. Polished and dressed onyx.
Commercial Club Bir-
mingham, Ala.            S.M. Hard red Limey Iron Ore.  Brown iron ore,
Dolomite, coke, etc.
Colorado Fuel & Iron Co. G.M. Collective Exhibit of Coal, Coke, & Iron
and manufactured iron.
Consolidated Fuel Co.    S.M. Diamond Lump Coal.
Consolidated Farmer's
Coal Co.                 B.M. Bituminous Coal.
Consolidated Fuel Co.    B.M. Walnut Block Coal.
Cozzi, O.                G.M. Straw hats.
Coburn, W.S.             S.M. Display of appples.
Coyle, John.             H.M. White corn.
Colson, Victor.          H.M. Early Rose corn.
Colfax Co. Neb.          S.M. Educational Work.
Combination Wrench &
Jack Co.                 G.M. Combination Wrench And Jack.
Cowley, J.H.             S.M. Collection apples and peaches, plums, etc.
Colorado State Normal
School,                  S.M. Lloyd work.
Commercial Club, Bir-
mingham, Ala.            C.M. Open Hearth Steel.
Cooper,  Elwood.         G.M. Olive Oil.
Cortland Howe Ventila-
ting Stove Co.           G.M. Ventilating and circulating draft stove.
Cole Wm. O.              G.M. Valuable services in connection with 
Fine Arts Exhibit.
Cooley, Hon. Thoe.       G.M. Valuable services in connection with 
Fine Arts Exhibit.
Cook, F.L.               H.M. Model Roof.
Corvallis, Oregon,       G.M. Grade work in public schools.
Cole, Emerson,           M.   Juror.
Cox, Mrs. W.V.           M.     "
Courtney, C.R.           M.     "
Cook, B.S.               C.M. Vice-President for Oregon.
Cole Mfg. Co.            G.M. Cold blast heaters.
Collman, A.F.            S.M. 46 Varieties of Apples.
Creamery Package Co.     G.M. Disbrow Churn & Works & Neal Milk weigher.
Crane Bros.    Highest Award  Ledger Papers etc.
Crumbaugh, Mrs. M.C.     B.M. Castor Oil Beans.
Crete Mills.             H.M. Model of Mills.
Crocker, Wheeler 
Electric Co.             S.M. Slow Speed Motor.
Crouvezier, Chas.        G.M. Linen embroidery.
Cross, Cleveland.        B.M. Honey producing plants, pressed & Mounted
and Granulated Honey.
Crofts & Montgomery      B.M. Harley.
Crawford, J.F.           S.M. Moss Agate.
Crawford, J.C.           G.M. G.T. Thompson Buggies.
Crawford Co. J.C.        S.M. Troy Wagon.
Croil, John.             B.M. Yellow corn.
Cross, Cleveland.        B.M. Honey Producing plants, pressed and
									mounted and granulated honey.
Crabtree, N.             B.M. Hemp.
Crane, Churchill C.      G.M. Brass Goods, Brass & Iron valves.
									Cast and malleable fittings.
Crosby, S.M.             M.   Valuable services in connection with
Fine Arts Exhibit.
Cramer, Mrs. J.L.        S.M. Lace work.
Crawford, J.T.           G.M. Superintendent Wyoming Exhibit.
Creighton, John A.       C.M. Director.
Cudahy Packing Co.       S.M. Rex Beef Extract.
Cudahy Packing Co.       G.M. Canned meats,
"      "      "          G.M. General Exhibits.
"      "      "          G.M. Diamond C. Hams.
Culver, C.N.             H.M. Collection of peaches.
Cudahy Packing Co.       S.M. Small Goods.
"      "      "          S.M. Fluid Beef Extracts.
"      "      "          G.M. Diamond C. Soap.
Cutaway Harrows.         S.M. Cutaway Disc Harrow.
Cusick, F.D.             B.M. Egg plums in liquid.
Cunningham, W.D.         H.M. Kelsey Japan Plums.
"      D.W.         	 H.M. Meus Royal Apricots in liquid.
Custer Fire Department   B.M. Mineral Cottage.
Cutter & Son, William    S.M. Collection of fruits.
Cuming Co. Neb.          G.M. Educational Work.
Custer Co. Neb.          B.M. Educational Work.
Cuming Co. Neb.          S.M. Agricultural Exhibit.
Cutzler, J.H.            B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Cushman Gladiolus Co.    S.M. Assortment Gladiolas.
Curtis & Cameron.        G.M. Valuable serivces in connection with Fine 
								Arts Exhibit.
Cushing Buggy Evener Co. B.M. Cushing Buggy Evener.
Cyclone Woven Wire
Fence Co.                G.M. Fencing.
Davis Gas Engine Wrks.   B.M. Gasoline Engines.
"    "     "     "       S.M. Portable Gasoline Engine.
"    "     "     "       S.M. Steam Generator.
Davis, J.J.              H.M. Display of cabbage.
Dain Mfg. Co.            S.M. Feed mill.
Davis Gasoline Engine
Works Co.                G.M. Feed Mills.
Davis, J.C.              H.M. Royal American cherries in liquid.
Davidson, J.C.           B.M. 5 Plates willow twigs, Jonathan apples.
Davis Co. Mo.            H.M. Corn from Davis Co.
Dalle, C.H.              H.M. Wheat from Cole C.
Daisy, O.C.              H.M. Wheat.
Day, K.W.                B.M. Fruits.
Davis Mill Co.           G.M. Aunt Jemima Pancake Flour.
Darct & Son              B.M. Zinc and Lead Ores.
Davis, A.C.              B.M. Rare Fossils.
Daniels, J.M.            H.M. Yellow Corn.
David Brothers.          S.M. Peaches.
Davidson, August C.      B.M. Honey in marketable shape.
Davis Mill Co. R.T.      S.M. Golden Sheaf Flour.
Davix Mill Co. R.T.      G.M. Royal No. 10 Flour.
Davidson, August C.      S.M. Samples of Honey.
"         "              S.M. Linden Extracted Honey.
Dawes C. Nebr.           B.M. Educational Work.
Dawson C. Neb.           S.M. Agricultural Exhibit.
Davitz, F.F.             B.M. Yellow Corn and Calico Corn.
Daly, Marcus.            B.M. Exhibit of Alexander apples.
Dawson, C. neb.          G.M. Educational Work.
Dakota Co. Neb.          S.M. Educational Work.
Dahl, John F.                 Butter scoring above 95 points.
Day, W.W.                B.M. Butter scoring avoe 95 points.
Dawson Co. Neb.               Working Irrigation Exhibit.
Davidson, August C.      B.M. Metheglin.
Davidson Louis.          M.   Juror.
Day, Dr. David T.        G.M. Superintendent Mining.
Debe & Reynolds Co.      G.M. Paints and varnishes.
Des Moines 
Incubator Co.   Highest Award Hot Air & Hot Water Incubator and Breeder.
Deere & Co.              G.M. Sulky Gang Plow.
Deer & Masur Co.         S.M. Sulky Lister.
"      "    "            G.M. Corn platners and shellers.
Deer Willis & Co.        G.M. Collective Exhibit.
Des Moines Incubator Co. G.M. Hot Air and Hot Water Incubators and Breeders.
De Laval Separator Co.   G.M. Cream Sepaator.
Dempster Mill Mfg. Co.   G.M. Hydraulic and Cable Drill.
DeLauney, Helen.         H.M. Oil Painting.
DeWit, Dr. C.H.          H.M. 20 Plates Willow Twig, Jonathan etc.
Detwiler, Samuel.        H.M. Wheat.
De Kalb Co.              H.M. Corn from De Kalb Co.
Dewar & Sons, John.      G.M. Highland Whiskies.
De Snowski, George.      G.M. Fine furs.
DeLauney, Ch.            G.M. Artistic Furniture.
DeLaes Wood Co. W.       G.M. Exhibit of Planished Sheet Iron.
Deidesheimer, Philip.    H.M. Model of Timering and Drawing used in
						deep minson the Comstock Lode.
Delamar, Captain.        B.M. Gold ores.
Denver Onyx & Marble Co. S.M. Marble and Onyx.
Denver Fire Clay Co.     G.M. Fire Clay products.
De Caro, A.              G.M. Tortoise Shell work.
Dexter Folder Co.        G.M. Folding Machine.      
Delta Co. Colo.          G.M. Exhibit of Apples.
Delevan Gate Co.         H.M. Farm Gate.
De Soto Agricultural
Implement Co.            G.M. Corn Stalk shredder.
Delaney, John.           H.M. Exhibit of Apples.
Duel, C. Neb.            B.M. Educational Work.
Dempster Mill Mfg. Co.   G.M. Press Grain Drill.
Dr. C.H. De Groot.       G.M. Valuable services in connection with the
						Fine Arts Exhibit.
Denver & Rio Grande Ry.  S.M. Photographs.
Diesem, J.L.             H.M. Alfalfa.
Dicksinson, S.S.         B.M. Collection of Apples.
Dixon Co. Neb.           S.M. Educational Work.
Diesem, J.L.             B.M. Alfalfa Extracted honey.
Diesem, J.L.             B.M. Aflalfa Comb Honey.
"     "                  H.M. Alfalfa.
Dinsmore, Jno. B.        G.M. Supt. Live Stock, Dairy Products, etc.
Dickinson, Edw'd.        C.M. Director.
Dowden Mfg. Co.          S.M. Potato Digger and sorters.
Dosch, Henry F.          S.M. Processing & Ex. 1st Fruits in jar?
"      "                 B.M. Pears, peach, plums, prunes, vosch prunes
						in liquid.
"      "                 G.M. French Walnuts, Filberts & 4 Jars of
"      "                 S.M. Evaporated Fruits etc. etc.
Doubt, Mrs. E.A.         H.M. Paintings.
Dodd, C.J.               C.M. Grains and Grasses.
Douglas Co. Neb.         G.M. Grain in sheaf, in ear and wild and
"     "                  G.M. Figures of King Corn & Queen of Grasses.
Doniphan Vinegar & Wine
Co.                      S.M. Wines and Brandies of various kinds.
Douglas, Jas.            G.M. Azurite, malachite, metallic Copper, etc.
Downing, J.M.            B.M. Wire silver.
Douglas Co. Neb. Highest Award   Agricultural Exhibit.
"     "                  G.M. Educational Work, drawing and designing.
"     "                  G.M. Continuous display of all kinds of fruit.
Douglas Co. Neb.         S.M. linden extracted honey recomended for purity,
						color, and general excellence.
"     "               	 S.M. Linden Comb Honey.
"     "               	 B.M. Improved Langstroth Hive.
"     "               	 S.M. Sweet Clover extracted honey.
"     "               	 S.M. Designs in beeswax.
"     "               	 S.M. Fine Granulated Honey.

Douglas Co. Neb.         S.M. Heartsease, Extracted honey, recommended 
						for purity, quality and flavor.
Douglas Co. Institute
for Deaf and Dumb        G.M. Manual Training, plain and fancy needle work.
Boesch, Henry F.         G.M. Evaporated Fruits, Etc. Etc.
Dodge Co. Neb.           G.M. Educational Work.
Dockarty, Anthony Jas.   G.M. Execution of designs of diploma for the T-M 
& I Exposition.
Douglas Co. Neb.         S.M. Experimental Test Full colonies of Bees.
"     "                  H.M. Honey Vinegar.
"     "                  H.M. Unrefined Beeswax.
Dole, Wm.                N.V. Valuable services in connection with Fine 
								Arts Exhibit.
Dodge, Chas. F.          M.   Juror.
Dougghen, Jr. Jr. A.     B.M. Palms.
Dosch, Henry E. Highest Award, Treatise on Bees.
Doniphan, John.          G.M. Vice-President for Missouri.
Dosch, H.E.
Draper, T.M.             G.M. Superintendent of Exhibit.
Drake Co.                G.M. Polished specimens. Silicified wood.
Dragon Iron Mining Co.   H.M. Limonite Iron.
Drew Selby & Co.         S.M. Ladies Shoes.
Drake, C.E.              B.M. Pyramid of Grains and collection of forage
Drees, Henry H.          G.M. Vic Regias and other aquatic plants.
Drake, Chas. R.          C.M. Vice President for Arizona.
Dunklin Co.              H.M. Cotton from Dunklin Co.
Due Fireworks Co.        S.M. Fireworks and designs.
Duek, Francis.           B.M. Yellow Corn.
Dundy Co. Neb.           G.M. Educational Work.
Duke Brothers.           B.M. Collection of apples.
Duderstadt, Robert.      S.M. Artisitic Woodenware.
Due Fireworks Co. A.L.   G.M. Superiority of design, marvelous effects
								and general excellence fireworks displays.
Dubenech, E.             G.M. Valuable services in connection with
								Fine Arts Exhibit.
Durand-Renl, W.M.        G.M. Valuable services in connection with
								Fine Arts Exhibit.
Durrin, P.               H.M. Marble statuary
Due John(Chief Pyrotech-
nist)                    C.M. In recognition of honorable Services.
Duggan, Mrs. L.C.        G.M. Embroidery.
Duke, Mrs. Mary.         S.M.     "
Dupont, Agustus.         C.M. Vice President for Georgia.
Duluth Imperial Mill C.  B.M. High Grade Minnesota Flour.
Dwights Flour Mills.     G.M. Minnesota Flour.
Dwight, D.V.             H.M. Ores from Contract Camp.
Dysthe, M.               B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Eagle Mills.             G.M. Soft Wheat, Oklahoma Flour.
"     "                  G.M. Hard Wheat      "      "
Fairhurst, Guy.          S.M. Sylvanite, specimen from Graphic Mine.
Eaton, Helen M.          C.M. Chief Clerk Exhibits Department, in
								recognition of honorable services.
Eames Nursery Co.        H.M. Bartlett Pears in Liquid Satsuma Plums.
Eby, M.F.                B.M. Crab apples and prunes. 
Edgren, Adolph.          G.M. kitolin.
Edmunds, J.L.            H.M. White Corn.
Egbert, F.L.             M.   Juror.
El Buen Tono, S.A.       G.M. Cigarettes.
Electric Storage Battery
Co.                      G.M. Storage Batteries.
Elson Co. H.W.           S.M. Photogravures.
Eldredge, Mrs. W. H.     B.M. Hand Painted Lamp.
El Reno Milling & Ele-
vator Co.                S.M. Oklahoma Flour.
Elling, Henry            G.M. Gold nuggets.
Elsuer, Dr. John         S.M. Colorado minerals.
Elkton Golf Mining Co.   S.M. Gold & Silver Telluride from the Elkton Mine.
Ellinghouser, J.D.       H.M. Mammoth Plymouth White Corn.
Elliott, D.H.            G.M. Supt. Bureau of Transportation.
Elmendorf, C.H.          G.M. Asst. Supt. Dairy Barn.
Ely, Geo. H.             H.M. White Dent Corn.
Ely, David               H.M. Corn from Adair Co., 3 types shown.
Emery, C.B.              H.M. Apples, crab apples and peaches.
"    "                   H.M. Collection of cucumbers.
Emmons, and Lovelocks    H.M. Iron ores.
Emerick, L.              H.M. Gold silver and copper.
Empire Zinc Co.          S.M. Spelter.
Emerson, James H.        S.M. Butter scoring above 97 points.
Emily, K. R.             B.M.  "        "      "   95   "
Enterprise Clay Co.      S.M. Slat Lake Pressed Brick.
England, A.G.            H.M. Exhibit of Apples.
Engelhardt Davidson
Merchantile Co.          S.M. Millinery.
Erb, Louis               B.M. Collection of fruits.
"   C.B.                
Ertel, George Mfg. Co.   G.M. Brooders and Incubators.
Etinger, S.              H.M. Whittled clock.
Eureka Tempered Copper
Co.                      G.M. Tempered Copper Products.
Eustis, G. T.            B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Evans, J.C.              G.M. Collection of fruits, 145 plates.
Evans, P.S.              H.M. English Rambo Apples.
Evans, H.C. Hmg. Co.     S.M. Potato planters, corn planters and corn drills.
Everson, K.R.            H.M. Corn.
Evenham, Henry           H.M. 26 plates of Northern Spy and Golden Russett
Everson, K.B.            H.M. Corn
Evans, Wm. C.            G.M. Valuable services in connection with Fine Arts
Evans, John H.           C.M. Director.
Excelsior Shoe Co.       S.M. Boys and Youths Shoes.
Experimental Farm of the NorthCarolina 
Horticultural Society    G.M. Experiments in soils and vegetable growth.
Excelsior Shoe Co.       S.M. Shoes.
Experimental Station     S.M. Display of plums.
Exposition Transfer Co.  B.M. Prompt Delivery of Goods.
Fargo, F.K. & Co.        G.M. Butter Printer Milk Pump Butter works and 
combination churn.
Fausher, Geo.            H.M. Flemish Beauty Pears.
Failing, Ida C.          S.M. China Painting.
Farrell & Co.            G.M. General Exhibits.
"       "                G.M. Household Tinware.
"       "                S.M. Mince meat, maple syrup and preserves.
"       "                S.M. Fire Extinguishers
Farnham, C.T.            B.M. Seven headed wheat hullers Barley and winter rye.
Farmer's Co-operative
Creamery                 B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Favor Ruhl & Co.         H.M. Huge Lead Pencil.
Fairfield, Edward M.     C.M. Chief Clerk Dept. Cone & Pin
Fairhurst, Guy           S.M. Sylvanite specimens. Graphic mine.
Fisher, C.G.             M.   Juror.
Fellows & Job            H.M. Mineral specimens including marble croppings.
Federshon, Peter         H.M. Exhibit of Apples.
Felton, W.B.             S.M. Varieties of Pears.
Fellows, C.H.            C.M. Vice President for Kansas
Fitch, H.C.              B.M. Collection of fruits.
Finborough, H.           H.M. Pacific Prunes in liquid.
Finch, Mrs. P.F.         H.M. Two pastels.
Fisher Typewriter Co.    G.M. Book typewriter.
Fisher, H.F.             S.M. Wheat Flour, Corn Meal.
Fillmore Co. Neb         S.M. Agricultural Exhibit.
"     "    "             S.M. Educational Work.
Fishell, John            B.M. White Corn
Fish Bros.               G.M. Wagons and Farm Wagons.
Fisher, Sidney           G.M. Superintendent Agriculture, Ottawa Canada
Field, C.W.              G.M. Commissioner Minnesota.
Fisher, H.D.             G.M. In Charge Wisconsin Building for valuable 
								services rendered.
Flaviana Munguia, Mexico.S.M. Chocolate.
Florsheim & Co.          B.M. Men's shoes.
Fleischmann & Co.        G.M. Compound Yeast.
Flanagan & Biedenweg     S.M. Display of stained glass.
Flemish Tapestry Co.     S.M. Tapestry
Forman, Gen. Chas.       S.M. Burbank Plums, Golden Plums, Satsuma Plums and
Foster Peaches.
Forrester, M.L.          H.M. Tragedy Plums and Republican Cherries in
Foshay, J.H.             H.M. Kelsey Plums
Ford, Mrs. H.S.          B.M. Ceramics
Forrest Oil Co.          B.M. Crude and refined Petroleum
Foster, Sampson          B.M. Corn.
Forney, A.G.             B.M. Alfalfa Extracted Honey.
Fox, Wm.                 S.M. Collection of Grapes.
Foster, A.C.             C.M. Gen. Supt. Buildings & Ground Dept.
Foss Mfg. Co.            S.M. Foos Feed Grinder and Sweep Grinder.
Ford, Mrs. Frances M.    C.M. Supt. Bureau of Education.
Fort Street Government
School, Honolulu         G.M. Primary Educational Work, maps and wood
Freemen & Sons Mfg. Co.  S.M. End Gate Seeder, and Broad Cart End Gate
Fremont, Elkhorn & 
Missouri Valley Ry Co.   G.M. Model Ticket Office.
Franklin Publishing Co.  G.M. Maps, Charts, Globes and Desks.
Freeman, E.C.            H.M. Sculpture.
Frick Coke Co. H.C.      B.M. Blast Furnace, cocke and the coal from 
which it is made.
Frontier Co. Neb.        S.M. Agricultural Exhibit.
Freeman, D.A.            S.M. White Clover Extracted Honey.
Freeborough, H.          S.M. Pacific Prunes in Liquid.
Freebora, C.C.           B.M. Fall and winter apples, Russet pears.
"      S.I.           	 S.M. Fall and winter apples, Russet pears.
Fremont Co. Canon City   G.M. General Collection of Apples.
Freeman, D.A.            S.M. White Clover Comb Honey.
Freisinger, Victor       G.M. Beheminan Glass ware.
Frees, H.                B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Fridner, John            S.M.   "       "      "   97   "
Frontier Co. Neb.        G.M. Educational Work.
Freer, C.L.              G.M. Valuable services in connection with Fine Arts
Freuch, W.M. R.          G.M. Valuable services in connection with Fine Arts
Fuller, Lee Mfg. Co.     G.M. Disc Press Drill.
Fuller, Mrs. H. B.       H.M. Ceramics.
Furnas, Robt. W.         G.M. Collection of plums and grapes.
Fuller, F. W.            B.M. Breccia containing Ruby and Briule silver.
Fuller-Warren Co.        B.M. Stoves.
Furnas Co. Neb.          S.M. Educational Work.
Furnas, R.W.             M.   Juror.
Gardner, W.H.            B.M. Collection of apples.
Gassell, Mrs. I. N.      H.M.
Gardner Bros.            S.M. Wheat Flour.
Galena Commercial Club.  G.M. Com. Exhibit of Lead and Zinc Ores.
Garfield Co.             G.M. General Collection of fruits.
Gardiner Wheel Co.       B.M. Irrigating Wheel.
Gage Co. Neb. Institute
for Feeble Minded.       G.M. Brush Making, Plain and Fancy Needlework.
Gasper Co. Neb.          S.M. Educational Work.
Gaiser, H.               S.M. Colelction of Grapes.
Gans, Samuel             M.   Valuable services in connection with Fine Arts
Gardner Governor         G.M. Gardner Duplex Steam Pump.
Gabelman Photogravure Co.G.M. Photogravures.
Gaskill, Wm.             S.M. Portable Fence.
George, Henry            S.M. Collection of Fruits.
Gem City Business CollegeS.M. Penmanship Course of study, Student's
							Bookkeeping Books and Commercial Text 
Getchell, J.G.           B.M. Barlett Pears.
Gentzke, Margaret        H.M. Pen Work.
Geisler, Max             H.M. Birds, Fishes and Fish Food
Gearkley, Thos.          H.M. Long Yellow Eared Corn.
Genesee Salt Co.         G.M. Salt.
Gehrls, Wm.              B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Geisermann, W.F.         M.   Juror.
German Society for Importation
of German Song Birgs.    B.M. 17 pairs Imported, acclimated Insectiverous
Song Birds.
Gibson, A.A.             G.M. Switch Stand Head.
Gibbs & Son, H.          H.M. Pipes made from cobs.
Gibbs, T.                H.M. Hungarian Prunes in Liquid and Foster 
peaches in liquid.
"     "                  H.M. Burbank Plums and Orange Cling Peaches.
Globe Mfg. Co.           H.M. Globe Hair Restorative.
Gilsonite Asphaltum Co.  S.M. Gilsonite and Products Laquered therefrom.
Gibbons, Felix           H.M. Three varieties of Corn.
Gulbert, F.W.            H.M. Exhibit of Apples.
Gibson, Mrs. A.J.        H.M.   "     "    "
Glasscock Bros. Mfg. Co. H.M. Baby Jumpers.
Gilmore, Dr. Robt.       M.   Juror.
Gloege, Adolph           B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Glasgow Evaporation Co.  H.M. Copper ores.
Glick, F.H.              B.M. Pop Corn and Wheat.
Glick, Fred H.           B.M. Alfalfa Extracted Honey.
Glick, G.W.              B.M. Wheat.
Goodner, Chritton & AdamsG.M. Rotary Steam Engine.
Gold Coin Mining Co.     S.M. Gold, Silver Tellurides from "Gold Coin Mine".
Goodchild & Co.          B.M. Collection of Anatimony ore.
Government of Canada     G.M. General Exhibit.
Goeldner, Gus.           S.M. Peaches, Pears Nectarines.
Gold Eagle Mining Co.    H.M. Gold ore.
Goodnow, M.J.            B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Goldman, Henry           G.M. The Arithmachine.
Galabic, John            G.M. Superintendent Oklahoma Exhibit.
Goff, E.S.               S.M. Fall and Winter Apples, Russett Apples.

Green Co. Horticultural
Society                  S.M. Display of Fruits.
Greenleaf Baker Co.      B.M. Wheat.
Griffith, H.P.           B.M. Valencia Late Oranges.
Grow, W.N.               H.M. Cling Peaches in liquid.
Gross Sad. Iron Co.      S.M. Gross Patent Gas Sad Iron
Green-Wheeler Co.        S.M. Ladies Fine Shoes.
Goodell, A.              S.M. Bonanza Apple Parer, Cherry Stoner and Seed
General Electric Co.     G.M. Arc Lamp, Constant Potential "Watt", Meters and
General Exhibit.
Graves, F.P.             S.M. Mineral Collection.
Green, D.W.              H.M. Model Stamp Mill.
Grahman & Dove.          H.M. Iron Pyrites, silver ore Free Gold ore and
Great Falls Fire Brick 
Company                  B.M. Superior Fire Clay Brick.
Graphic Mining Co.       B.M. Smelting ores.
Grau, J.N.               B.M. Wool.
Greeley Co. Neb.         H.M. Educational Work.
Grand Junction Colo.
Schools                  S.M. Educational Exhibit.
Grande Porde Lumber Co.  G.M. Yellow Pine and Tamarack Lumber
Griffith, J.L.           G.M. Valuable services in connection with the Fine
								Arts Exhibit.
Greusel, E.S.            M.   Juror.
Graves, Frank P.         C.M. Vice President of Wyoming.
Greet, A.H.              G.M. Secretary Kansas Commission.
Griffith, A.H.           G.M. Superintendent Fine Arts Bureau.
Graham, M.J.             B.M. 15 varieties of Peaches and Pears.
Guthrie, R.D.            S.M. Liquid Measure.
Guker, Ike.              S.M. Native Gold Wire, Gold Thread, Gold with Gold
Guthrie, W.W.            H.M. Polled Angus Cattle.
Gulf Bag Co., Ltd.       G.M. Bags and Twine.
(San Francisco)
Gulf Bag Co., Ltd.       G.M. Bags and Twine.
(New Orleans)
Guthrie, W.W.            M.   Juror.
Hammond Packing Co.   Highest Award  Meats of all Descriptions.
General Exhibit Packing House Products.
"       "     "          G.M. Lards.
"       "     "          G.M. Hammonds Beef Wine & Iron.
"       "     "          S.M. Canned Meats.
"       "     "          S.M. Sausages, Etc.
"       "     "          B.M. Beef Extracts.
Hawks, H.D.              H.M. "Stump the World" Peaches.
Hayback,C.C. Carriage Co.G.M. Collective Exhibit of Carriages.
Harper, H.C.             S.M. Ben Davis Apples, Fall Pippin, Bellflower
Hammond Packing Co.      G.M. Calumet, Coin Special & White and Star Lards.
Harris, Jas. A.          H.M. Grasses.
Hamacher, J.R. & O.N.    H.M. Wheat from Ray Co.
Hanthorn, J.O.           G.M. Chinook salmon.
Hayden Bros.             G.M. Furniture, Clothing, etc.
Hanselt, Chas.           S.M. Glazed and colored Kid.
Haney & Co., J.H.        G.M. Saddlery and Harness.
Harrison, Grace          B.M. China Painting.
Hay-Budden Mfg. Co.      G.M. Display of Anvils.
Harris, W.K.             S.M. Collection of grapes.
Hanauer, M.S.            H.M. Silver, lead and gold bullion.
Habert Lapidary & 
Jewelry Co.              B.M. Cut and polished gems.
Haynes, Wm.              H.B. Free Milling Gold Ores.
Harkens, Chas. G.        H.M. Carved cross of gray sandstone and monument of
block marble.
Haarman Vinegar Co.      G.M. Collective exhibit of pickles and vinegar.
Hansen, H.               B.M. Broom Corn.
Harlan, W.B.             H.M. Exhibit of apples.
Hall Co. Neb.            G.M. Educational Work.
Haynes Co. Neb.               Educational Work.
Hardin, Fred.            B.M. Seedling and named apples.
Harris, G.H.             B.M. Collection of fruits.
Hanson, P.A.                      "      "    "
Harlan Co. Neb.          S.M. Educational Work.
Hamilton Co. Neb.        B.M. Educational Work.
Hall, J.H.               B.M. Apples.
Hanson, H.               B.M. Broom Corn.
Hall, D.J.               H.M. Exhibit of apples, pears, prunes, etc.
Hastings, H.M.           E.M. Minnesota Flour.
Hangdahl, Saml.          G.M. Butter scoring highest.
Hansen, Christ.          G.M.  "       "     above 95 points.
Hanson, J.A.             B.M.  "       "       "   95   "
Harvley Mfg. Co.         G.M. Curlene.
Hazeltine, T.L.          B.M. Ingrahm apples.
Harvest Home Ass'n       B.M. Pears and apples.
Haire, James             B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points
Hackner, F.              S.M. Church carvings and statues.
Haskins Bros. & Co. Highest Award  "Beat-em-All" Soap and Newton's pure 
								white soap.
Hawaii                   G.M. Green coffees.
Hardt, H.B.              G.M. Valuable services in connection with the Fine
Arts Exhibit.
Haseltine, Chas. F.      G.M. Valuable services in connection with the Fine
Arts Exhibit.
Haines & Co., Wm. S.     G.M. Hinty Steam Traps.
Haynes, James B.         C.M. Supt. Press Bureau, Dept. Publicity &
							Promotion, for honorable services.
Hadkinson, J.H.          C.M. In recognition of honorable services as Supt.
								Bureau of Landscaping, Dept. Ways & Means.
Hardt, H.B.              C.M. In recognition of honorable services as Asst.
								Mgr, Dept. of Exhibits.
Hawaii                   G.M. Educational Work.
"                      	 G.M. Tobacco, Leaf.
"                      	 S.M. Preserves, jams and jellies.
"                      	 G.M. General Exhibit.
Hambleton, C.E.          G.M. Sec. Illinois Commission.
Hawaii                   S.M. Rice and Pea Starch
Haviding, W.C.           B.M. 29 varieties of Russian apples.
Hearford, J.H.           B.M. Wheat from Livingston Co.
"       E.H.             B.M. Alfalfa Clover
Hedgeport, J.H.          B.M. White, solid, compact corn.
Hearn, Frank             B.M. Corn from Jackson Co. Mo.
Heinshemer, D.L. & A.    B.M. 20 Plates Alberta Peaches.
Henderson, C.M.          B.M. Boots and Shoes.
Henry, L.                B.M. French Porcelain in (and) Bronze
Heyn, The Photographer   S.M. Collective display of Photographs.
Herrick Refrigerator &
Cold Storage Co.         S.M. Refrigerators.
Hesser, W.J.             S.M. Specimens of Plams, cacti, etc.
Herrington, J.A.         H.M. Sulphuric pyrites, copper ores, lead ores.
Hennessey Roller Mills   G.M. Perfection Oklahoma Flour.
Heatherstraw, James      B.M. Red Corn.
"           Fred         H.M. White Oats.
Herman, G.               B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points
Henneman, P.J. & Sons    G.M. Dessicated Potatoes and Onions
Henderson, Lewis         S.M. Floral Display on Exposition Grounds.
Henford, C.O.            G.M. Valuable services in connection with the Fine
Arts Exhibit.
Hess, P.P.               B.M. 20 varieties, grapes, currants, gooseberries.
Hinnman Improved Can Co. G.M. Milk can.
Hill & Sons Co., Jas.    G.M. California Pickled Olives, ripe & green
Hinlan, John E.          B.M. Corn from Boone Co.
Hinman, John E.          B.M. English Rye.
Hinkley, M.E.            H.M. China Painting.
Hicstand, J.G.           S.M. Polished Malachites and Azurites
Highland Electro 
Chemical Co.             G.M. Soldering Paste.
Higgins, Mrs. C.P.       B.M. Exhibit of Apples.
Hinslie, Geo.            S.M. Cedar Doors, sash and moulding.
Hitchcock Co. Neb.       B.M. Educational Work.
Hill, Jack               B.M. Infusorial Earth
Hitchcock, Gilbert M.    C.M. Director.
Howell Co. Kansas
Agriculatural Society    G.M. Display of Fruit, 704 plates.
Holt Co. Nebr. 
Horticultural Society    G.M. Display of Fruits, 891 plates.
Hoover, Prout & co.      G.M. Potato Digger.
Howard Fruit Farm        B.M. Collection of Fruits.
Howard, H.               B.M. Pride of Salien, yellow corn.
Howard, Rev. J.          B.M. Winesap, Ben Davis, Jonathan, etc.
Holmes, Sam              H.M. 4 Plates of ben Davis Apples.
Home Embroidery Mach. Co.S.M. Embroidery Machine and embroidery.
Horn Silver Mining Co.   H.M. Copper, Silver & Lead ores.
Holden, M.E. Albert      B.M. Gold, silver and lead ores.
Home Riverside Coal
Mining Co.               B.M. Bituminous Coal.
Home Acme Cement Plaster
Co.                      G.M. Acme Cement Plaster.
Horner & Ross            B.M. Corn
Hoyt, William            H.M. White Rye.
Howard Co. Neb.          S.M. Educational Work.
Holt Co. Neb.            G.M. Educational Work.
Howlett, Mrs.            H.M. Collection of Apples.
Hoischinger, Chas.       S.M. Fall and Winter Apples.
Hozie, B.S.              B.M. Collection of Apples.
Houtz, H.A.              H.M. Corn in ear.
Hoyt & Caswell           B.M. Apples.
Hoffman, H.G.            B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points
Hopewell & Streblow      B.M. Cheese
Holmes, Wm. F.           C.M. In recognition of honorable services as
Hoxie, Mrs. A. V.        G.M. Embroidery.
Holmes, O.C.             S.M. Installation.
Holmes, I.A.             M.   Juror.
Hobron & Co., T.W.       G.M. Tarocna, Gen. Merit.
Hutton, D.S.             H.M. Car Coupler.
Humphrey & Sons.         G.M. Broadcast seeder.
Hughes, Lee              H.M. Seedling Crab apples in liquid.
Hunt, Geo. F.            B.M. Fresh Fruits, Haskins Royal Am. Cherries
Hurlbut, Mrs. E.L.       B.M. China Painting.
Harford, Alice M.        S.M. Portrait on China.
Hussey & Son.            G.M. Cabinets.
Hubbard Portable Oven Co.B.M. Baker's Ovens.
Hurd, Mrs. Carrie R.     H.M. China Painting.
Hub Gore Co.             G.M. Hub Gores.
Hubbard, D.K.            B.M. Minnesota Flour.
Hurlburt, Wm.            B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Hurlburt, J.B.           S.M. Collection of fruits.
Hydraulic Press Brick Co.G.M. Exhibit of 42 panels of brick.
Hymer, J.P.              C.M. Commissioner Black Hills.
Hyde, John               M.   Juror.
Iowa Farming Tool Co.    G.M. Collective Exhibit of Agricultural Hand Tools.
Indiana Wagon Co.        S.M. Farm Wagon.
Indiana Rubber and 
Isolating Wire Co.       S.M. Wire and Cables.
Iler & Co.               G.M. Gen. Exhibit of Distilled liquor and Spirits.
International Nickel Co. B.M. Nickel ores and metallic nickel.
Ingram Clock Co.         B.M. Clocks.
Ideal Mfg. Co.           G.M. Water Closet.
Imperial Mill            B.M. Flour.
Idaho State Board of
Horticulture             G.M. General Collection of fruits, fresh, dried, and
in liquid.
Iler & Co.               G.M. Eagle Gin.
"     "                  G.M. Proof Spirits.
"     "                  S.M. Pure Malt Whiskies.
"     "                  S.M. East India Bitters.
"     "                  S.M. Buck Bourbon Blend Whiskey.
"     "                  S.M. Willow Springs Sour Mash Whiskies.
"     "                  G.M. Golden Sheaf Rye Whiskey.
Iler, P.E.               G.M. Apparatus for aging and purifying liquors.
Ives, Halsey C.          G.M. Valuable services in connection with the Fine Art
Imes, Prof. F.N.         C.M. "Famous Fifty" Band.
Indianapolis Bleaching Co.G.M.Bags and twine.
Ingraham Co., E.         B.M. Clocks.
Iowa Plaster Ass'n       G.M. "Flint" hard wall plaster and "Flint" firm
James, G.G.              H.M. Heath Cling Peaches.
"    J.W.              B.M. Crawford late peaches.
Jasper Co. Horticultural
Society                  S.M. Collection of fruits.
Jackson Co. Horticultural
Society                  G.M. Display of fruits, 2091 plates.
James, G.G.              B.M. Collection of fruits.
Jarshows, J.F.H.         G.M. Valencia Late Oranges.
Jackson & Smith          S.M. Water colored photographs.
Jaques Mfg. Co.          G.M. K.CK. Baking Powder.
Jardine, J.B.            S.M. White Clover Extracted Honey.
Jaques, Dr. E.K.         S.M.  "       "       "       "
"      "   "             S.M. White Clover Comb Honey, purity of products and
								beauty of package.
James, F.J.              H.M. Exhibit of Apples.
Jackson, W.R.            C.M. Neb. State Supt of Public Instruction
Jackson, J.P.            B.M. 15 Varieties peaches and small fruits
Jevene, H.               G.M. Sauterne wines and Reishing Wines.
"     "                  S.M. Cabernet Wine.
Jenkins, W.J.            S.M. Dewey Cling Peaches.
Jewett, W.O.             B.M. Timothy Seed.
Jenkins Bros.            S.M. Valves.
Jenkins, W.I.            S.M. Collection of cherries.
Jegglin Pottery Co.      H.M. Pottery Ware.
Jefferson Co. Neb.       S.M. Educational Work.
"       "   Colo.           Collection of fruits.
Jeone, H.                G.M. Olive Oil, purity.
Jepson, Peter            H.M. Model of Full Rigged Ship.
Johnston Harvester Co.   S.M. Disc Harrow.
Joliet Mfg. Co.          G.M. Dustless Cylinder Sheller.
"     "   "              S.M. Corn Sheller.
Jones, Joseph H.         B.M. Blue Stem Wheat.
Johnson, Mrs. M.A.       H.M. China Painting.
Johnson, A.J.            B.M. Mineral Palace.
Johnson Co. Neb.         S.M. Educational Work.
Jones, Nathan            B.M. Linden Extracted Honey.
Johnson & Field Mfg. Co. G.M. Separator and Warehouse Mill.
Johnson & Co., J.F.      G.M. Anti-dirt milk pail.
Johnson, Franklin        B.M. Fall and winter apples.
Johnson, Nels            B.M. 14 varieties of potatoes, golden corn and yellow
Bonanza corn.
Jorgenson, Louis         B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Johnson, Harvey          B.M.   "       "      "   95   "
"      F.O.              B.M.   "       "      "   95   "
Johnson, H.T.            G.M. Botanical Collection of Pacific Coast Coniferous
woods and cones.

Johns, H.W. Mfg. Co.     S.M. Collective Educational Exhibit of all
								products from crude Asbestoes.
Johnson & Field Mfg. Co. G.M. Farm Fanning Mill.
Mrs. R. Jones            G.M. Lace Curtains.
Johnson, Theo. H.        B.M. Installation of Photo Appliances.
Johnson, S.T.C.          C.M. Vice-President for Texas.
Joplin Club              S.M. Galena and Calcite.
Joplin Paint Co.         H.M. Paint.
Jones, Nathan            H.M. Raspberry and Linden Extracts Honey.
Justituto Madico Nacional
de Mexico                S.M. Books, Science
Justituto Geologico de
Mexico                   B.M. Minerals
Jury, C.J.               B.M. Collection of peaches.
Julian, T.J.             B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Junker, A.               M.   Juror.
Kaupp, Geo.              B.M. Etta Grapes.
Kansas Salt Co.          G.M. Table Salt.
Kansas State PenitentiaryB.M. Limestone.
Kansas & Texas Coal Co.  B.M. Bituminous Coal.
Kansas State Commission  S.M. Minerals stone brick coal, etc.
Kansas State Agricultural
College                  S.M. Collection of Grapes.
Kansas State Commission  B.M. Cocoons, Field and Garden Seed.
Kansas Creamery Co.      B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Kanmakaili School        G.M. General excellence of Exhibits.
Kanluurla School         G.M. General Excellence of Exhibits.
Kellar, H.S.             B.M. Flemish Beauty Peas (Pears?)
Keystone Mfg. Co.        G.M. Keystone Power sheller
Kernan Furnace Co.       B.M. Hot Air Furnace.
Kemmerer, W.S.           G.M. Anthracite Coal.
Kemmerer Coal Co.        S.M. Exhibit of Coal.
Kearns, Thomas, Mgr.
Silver King Mining Co.   B.M. Silver Lead ores.
Kemp Koniar Copper 
Mining Co.               B.M. Base copper ore.
Kelly Bros.              H.M. Collection apples.
Kearney Co. Neb.         S.M. Educational Work.
Kretchmer, L.E.          H.M. Bees and Queens in cages.
Kelly, Prof. Thos. J.    C.M. Superintendent of Bureau of Music.
Keystone Watchcase Co.   G.M. Watch Cases.
Kellogg, Geo. J.         S.M. Fall and Winter apples.
Kitzelman Bros.          G.M. Or. & Woven Wire Fence and Fence Mach.
Kickbush, John           B.M. Collection Cantaloupes.
Kingman Plow Co.         S.M. Plows, harrows, planters and cultivators
"      "    "            G.M. Stubble Plows.
"     Implement Co.      S.M. Anchor vehicles, Fifth Wheels, etc.
"       "       "        G.M. Triple Gear Mills and Wind Mills.
"       "       "        G.M. Disc and Beet Drills.
"       "       "        S.M. Foos Feed Grinders and Sweep Grinders.
Kimball, W.W. & Co.      S.M. Collective Display of organs & Pianos.
"       "     "          S.M. Reed and Automatic organs
"       "     "          G.M. Kimball Pianos, excellence of quality.
Killin, N.K.             B.M. Wheat, barley and oats.
Kiewit, Andrew           G.M. Standard water filter.
King Corset Co.          H.M. Corsets.
Killen, A.R.             S.M. Flax.
King, E.D.               B.M. Wool
Kimball Co. Neb.         H.M. Educational Work.
King Fisher Milling Co.  G.M. Oklahoma Flour.
Kingman Implement Co.    S.M. Jackson Farm Wagons.
"       "       "        S.M. Weber Wagon and Weber One Horse Wagon.
Kingman Co. Idaho        B.M. Agricultural Exhibit.
Killen, A.R.             G.M. Wheat, Barley and oats.
King, Nathan             B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Kiesel, Shilling &
Danielson                B.M. Collection of fruits.
Klork, J.E.              G.M. Educational Work of pupils.
Kleckner, F.J.           B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Knox, Roger C.           G.M. Wire Gold ore.
Knox Co. Neb.            B.M. Educational Work.
Knox, Chas. B.           G.M. Gelatine.
King. J.J.               M.   Juror.
Kolshaven, Jules         G.M. Valuable services in connection with the Fine
Arts Exhibit.
Kochs Co., Thoe A.       G.M. Barber's chairs and cases.
Krug, Fred, Brewing Co.  G.M. Purity and strength of bottled Cabinet Beer.
Ktetchmer, F.            S.M. Alfalfa Comb Honey.
Kretchmer, E.            S.M. White Clover Comb Honey.
"        "               S.M. White Clover Comb Honey
"        "               G.M. Best and most practical collection of modern
apiarian supplies and implements.
Kretchmer, E.            B.M. Alfalfa Extracted Honey.
"        "               H.M. Bee Books and Bee Literature.
"        "               S.M. White Clover Extracted Honey
"        "               H.M. Exhibit of educational value showing honey in all
kinds of crystallization.
"        "               S.M. Linden Comb Honey.
Kruse & Gerland          B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Krohn, Fectheimer & Co.  S.M. Ladies Fine Shoes, original designs
Kretchmer, F.            H.M. Bees and Queens in cages.
"        "               S.M. Unrefined Beeswax.
"        E.              S.M. Wood and Galvanized Steel tanks.
Kunz, Geo. F.            S.M. Gems of the Trans-Mississippi States .
Kurtz, Chas. M.          G.M. Valuable services in connection with the Fine
Arts Exhibit.
Kuehl, Geo.              G.M. Cuckoo Clock
Kellogg, Geo. J.         B.M. Fall and Winter apples.
Kiles, Mrs. Sarah L.     S.M. Collection of apples, common use 
Laclede Horticultural
Society                  G.M. Collection of fruits, 515 plates.
Last, C.F.H.             G.M. Port wine.
Lansing, Mrs. F.H.       B.M. Raw Silk and silk cocoons.
Laraway, W.F.            B.M. Fine varieties of pears.
Laing, Laura.            S.M. Hand painted china.
"     "                  S.M. Water Color Drawing.
Larson Canning Co., Wm.  G.M. Canned Peas and beans.
Larkins Soap Co.         G.M. Toilet and Laundry Soaps.
Ladd, W.N.               B.M. Wool
La Grange Mills          G.M. Minnesota Flour.
Ladd, Chas.              B.M. Wool
Laird, Abram             H.M. Eureka District Ores.
Labbe Bros.              H.M. Nat'l Mineal Water Wilhoit Springs.
Latham Machinery Co.     G.M. Wire Stretchers.
Lambe, Chas. B.          B.M. Wheat and Grasses.
Lancaster Co. Neb.       G.M. Educational Work.
Lamont, Scott            B.M. White Clover Extracted honey, recommended
								for purity of product and excellence of
Laramie Co."Ft. Collins" S.M. Collection of Fruits.
Lane, Chas. S.           B.M. Peaches, apples, plums, etc.
LaRosh, Geo. W.          B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Lawson, W.S.             S.M.   "       "      "   97   "
Lawrence, Louis          B.M.   "       "      "   95   "
Larson, Henry            B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Lake Superior Bag Co.    G.M. Bags and Twine.
larnelle, Victor         G.M. Installation of French Section.
Lane Co. Oregon          S.M. Grasses and Grains in straw
Langworthy, Mrs. J.N.    S.M. Ecclesiastical Embroidery.
Leal, Manuel Frenamdez   G.M. Cigars.
Lewis, Miles K.          S.M. Farm gate.
Lewis Bros.              B.M. Paricots, plums, cherries, prunes etc.
Leeson, J.J.             G.M. Historic Relics.
Lemon Growers Ass'n,
H.C.G.                   S.M. Eureka Lemons.
Lee & Co., Geo. H.       S.M. Antiseptic Bug Killer.
Lemmon Gold Mining Co.,
of British Columbia      B.M. Free and Concentrated Gold ores.
Lesson, J.J.             S.M. Collection of Minerals and ores.
Lee, Mrs. H.A.           S.M. Wire Silver and Ruby Silver.
Lee, Harry A.            B.M. Fossils.
Leshan, J.C.             H.M. Exhibit of apples.
Leavenworth Pub. Schools H.M. Educational Work, maps, drawings, etc.
Leete, B.F.              B.M. Dairy Salt.
Lewis & Co.              G.M. Best and most practical collection of modern
Leahy Mfg. Co.           S.M. Thorough workmanship and practical designs in
Lewis Co., G.B.          G.M. Apiarian Supplies and implements.
Leahy Mfg. Co.           S.M. Apiarian Supplies and implements.
Lewis, F.M.              B.M. Apples.
Leader, Mrs. August      B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Leach, H.H.              B.M.   "       "      "   95   "
Lee Co., Geo. H.         S.M. Insect destroyers
Levi, M. Michael         G.M. Valuable services in connection with the Fine
Arts Exhibit
Lee, Ambrose H.          C.M. In recognition of honorable services as
								Superintendent Department Transportation.
Levy, Mrs. Bernice       G.M. Embroidery.

Lemon Gold Mining Co.    B.M. Gold ores.
Lipton, T.E.C.           C.M. Juror.
Lee, H.A.                C.M. Superintendent Colorado Exhibit.
Leeson, J.J.             G.M. Superintendent New Mexico Exhibit.
Lewis, R.M.              M.   Juror.
Lean Mfg. Co., Roderick  G.M. Lever Harrows.
Lindgren, C.H. Co.       S.M. Dunch.
Lieno Mfg. Co.           H.M. Lieno Wall Finish
Lincoln Co. Neb.         B.M. Educational Work.
Libby, McNeil & Libby    B.M. Canned Pork and Beans.
"       "      "         G.M.   "    Ox Tingine.
"       "      "         G.M.   "    Brisket & Veal Loaf.
"       "      "         G.M.   "    "Peerless" Sliced Dried Beef.
"       "      "         S.M.   "    Corned Beef
"       "      "         S.M.   "    Whole Ox Tongue
Lincoln University       G.M. General Exhibit.
Liggett & Meyers Tobacco
Co.                      G.M. Star Tobacco (plug) & General Exhibit.
Lipton, Thos. J.         G.M. Ceylon, India Tea.
Llewelly, C.E.           C.M. In recognition of honorable services as
Commandant of Guards.
Loomis, Mrs. Lulu        B.M. Egg Plants.
Louden Machinery Co.     G.M. Door hangers ice tongs, hay carriers, grapple and
harpoon, Horse hay forks.
Lossing, S.E.            S.M. Muscat grapes for Raisins.
Los Angeles Co. Calif.   High Award for General Display of Horticultural 
Products and installation of same 
"   "      "     "      Spec. H.M. General Display of Horticulture and 
Installation of same.
Loud & Gerling           G.M. Dried Fruits, raisins, peaches, prunes
Los Angeles Chamber 
of Commerce              S.M. Wax Fruits.
Los Nietos Ranchito
Walnut Growers' Ass'n    G.M. English Walnuts.
Los Angeles Chamber
of Commerce              G.M. Fruit in liquid, Citrons, fruits assorted.
Los Angeles Chamber
of Commerce              S.M. Ornamental Dried Fruit Work.
Lohmeier, A.C.           B.M. Hand made Horse Shoes.
Long, John               B.M. Device for thawing dynamite.
Lang & Co., J.           B.M. Switch Boards and Line Material.
Locke, Fred M.           S.M. Insulators.
Lovesy & Bourke          B.M. Alfalfa Extracted Honey.
"       "                B.M. White Clover extracted Honey.
"       "                B.M. Alfalfa Comb Honey
Los Angeles Co. Calif.   S.M. Educational Work.
Los Animas Co.           S.M. Winter Apples.
Londegaard, H.F.         B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Longelin, Geo.           B.M.   "       "      "   95   "
Longers, Matthias        G.M. Architectural Drawings.
Lovett, Isteal           M.   Juror.
Logan, Lieut. S.T.       M.     "
Long, Prof. J.H.         M.     "
Lounsberry, C.H.         C.M. Vice-President for North Dakota.
Lund, Mrs. S.G.          B.M. Ceramics.
Lumbard, Miss Nina.      B.M.   "
Lunkenheimier Co.        G.M. Safety Valve Automatic Injector.  Re-
grinding valves.
Lund, N.G.               B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Ludlow, Abert            G.M. Valuable services in connection with the Fine
Arts Exhibit.
Lyons, J.F.              B.M. Articificial Limbs.
Lyons Rock Salt Co.      S.M. Rock Salt.
Lyman, D.B.              B.M. Gold and Silver Ores.
Majestic Mfg. Co.        G.M. Collective Exhibit of stoves and ranges.
Mason, Alexander         G.M. Automatic Farm Gate.
Marshall, H.C.           H.M. Plums in liquid.
Maddock, F.H.            G.M. Maddock Oranges.
"       "                S.M. Improved Navel Oranges, Washington Navel                              
   							Orange, Mediterranean Sweet and S. Michaels.
Mansana Colony.          S.M. Almonds, 22 varieties.
Mausur, M.H.             B.M. Spring Oats.
Mausur, W.H.             B.M. Red Clover.
Madird Co.               H.M. Cotton from Madrid County.
Mason Ahrman & Co.       S.M. Evaporated Fruits.
Maberry, T.H.            H.M. 20 plates Ben Davis and Jonathan apples.
Maitland, Max            B.M. Black Spring Oats.
Marshall, Mrs. F.E.      S.M. Water Color Pastel, Etc.
Marion, Cole W.          B.M. Diamond and Moore's early grapes.
Martin, Mrs. Euclid      H.M. Ceramics.
Martin, Frank            G.M. Hides, Fur overcoats, etc.
Mason, Miss N.G.         S.M. China Painting.
Mathers, Wm.             B.M. Taxidermy
Martin, Fernaud          G.M. Mechanical Toys.
Mason, Ehrman & Co.      G.M. Granulated Potatoes and evaporated onions.
Marion Geyser Gold Mining
& Milling Co.            S.M. Gold and Cinnebar ores.
Mathewson, Wm.           B.M. Corn in the ear.
Marble Head Lime Co.     G.M. Springfield Mo. Lime
"     "    "   "         H.M. Marble Head White Lime Co
Marmal Marble Co.        S.M. Variegated Marble
Martin, F.A.             H.M. Collection of grapes.
Marshall Bros.           B.M. Statuary
Matthews, S.S.           B.M. Collection of grapes
Marysville Normal School B.M. Educational Work
Marshall, J.C.           H.M. Plums and apples
Majectis Mfg. Co.        G.M. Exhibit of steel and malleable Iron Ranges.
Madison Co. Neb.         S.M. Educational Work.
Marsh, D.J.              H.M. Winter Rye.
Massachusetts Institute
of Technology            G.M. School of Applied Sciences.
May Bros.                H.M. Exhibit of apples.
Mangel, John A.          G.M. 171 Products from 25 acre farm in Georgia.
Matthews, E.J.           S.M. Apples.
Manson Cycle Co.         S.M. Bicycles.
Madison Milling Co.      S.M. Minnesota Flour.
Mayo, Wm.                B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Martin, J.M.             B.M.   "       "      "   95   "
Marble Head Lime Co.     B.M. Sarcoxies Mo. Lime.
Mannion, J.J.            S.M. Lens Grinding Machine.
Manual Training School   G.M. Zither Workmanship and Design.
"       "       "        S.M.   "    Sound and Tone.
"       "       "        G.M. Wood work and general exhibit.
Mayer, M. Frederick      G.M. Valuable services in connection with the Fine
Arts Exhibit.
Mast, Foos & Co.         G.M. Interior Internal Gear Windmill.
Mattice, Mrs. R.B.       S.M. Embroidery
Marks, A.A.              G.M. Rubber Foot and ankle for artificial limbs.
Marson, H.B.             C.M. Vice President for Nevada.
Mayer, F.                G.M. Commissioner from Paris France.
Magsrett, T.Z.           M.   Juror.
Maxson, H.B.             G.M. Vice President Nevada Commission
Manual Training School,
Honolulu, Hawaii         G.M. General Exhibit.
Mears, Chas. F.          G.M. Best Miniature Steam Engine & Boiler.
Merritt, B.C.            B.M. Ky Red Streak Apples, Kelsey Japan plums and
Bartlett Pears.
Myers & Driggs           G.M. Window Sash.
Meyers & Bros., F.C.     G.M. Force Pumps.
Mexican Exhibit          S.M. Books on Science.
Metzel, Peter            H.M. Specimens of Jasper.
Mercur Gold Mining Co.   S.M. Gold Ores Bullion and Cyanide process.
Merrick Co. Neb.         S.M. Educational Work.
Meza Co. Horticultural
Society                  G.M. Grand Junction general collection of fruits.
Merchant Creamery Co.    B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
(Boyle, Kan.)
Meridian Creamery Co.    B.M.  "        "      "   95   "
(Osawkie, Kan.)
Merrit, S.S.             B.M.  "        "      "   95   "
The Meridian Creamery Co.
Meriden, Kan.            S.M.  "        "      "   97   "
"    "       "      "    S.M.  Butter second highest average score, 5
Meriden Creamery Co.
Valley Falls, Kan.       S.M. Butter scoring above 97 points.
Meriden Creamery Co.
McLouth, Kan.            S.M.   "       "      "   97   "
Meriden, Brittania Co.   G.M. Silver Plated Ware
Meriden Creamery Co.     S.M. Cheese scoring above 95 points.
Megeath, Geo. W. "       M.   Valuable services in connection with the Fine
Arts Exhibit.
Metz Hotel Register Co.  G.M. Reversible Desk.
Mees, Prof. Arthur       C.M. Conductor Theo. Thomas Orchestra.
Mercer, Capt. W.H.       C.M. In Command U.S. Indian Congress.
Meeker & Co., E.J.       B.M. Four varieties of apples.
Missouri Experimental
Station                  G.M. Nuts in jars.
Missouri Agriculatural
College                  G.M. Fruits in jars.
Missouri Agriculatural
College                  S.M. Fungus Diseases.
Missouri State Horticultural
Society                  G.M. Display of Fruits.
Missouri State Commission,G.M. Twenty-three varieties of wheat.
"       "         "      G.M. Fourteen varieties of wool.
"       "         "      G.M. Eighty varieties of corn.
"       "         "      G.M. Collection of Tobacco.
"       "         "      G.M. Fifty-four varieties of cow peas.
"       "         "      G.M. Twenty-three varieties of oats.
"       "         "      G.M. Forty-four varieties of polished Missouri wood.
"       "         "      G.M. Fifty bushels of corn.
Miluem, J.K.             H.M. Kieffer Pears.
Missouri Experimental
Station                  B.M. Collection of grapes.
Missouri Agricultural
College                  S.M. Preserved fruit in jars.
Missouri State Horticultural
Society                  B.M. Collection of Grapes.
"       "       "        S.M.      "     of Pears.
"       "       "                "     of berries.
"       "       "        S.M. Peaches
Missouri State Commission,H.M. Melons
Missouri State Horticultural
Society                  H.M. Onions
Missouri State Commission,H.M. Sweet Potatoes.
Millsap, Oscar           S.M. Sterling Washer.
Miller, Hugh L.          B.M. Wheat.
Miller, Jacob            B.M. Chermoya or Custard apples in liquid.
Minor, B.H.              H.M. Wheat from Lawrence Co.
Missouri State Agri. Col.
Experimental Station     G.M. Collection grain and seeds
"         "              B.M. Collection Forage Plants and Tobacco.
"         "              B.M.      "     of Wool.
"         "              H.M. Twenty-one varieties of wheat.
"         "              B.M. Woods grown in Missouri.
Missouri State Commission,H.M. Pearl Millet from La Clede Co.
"    "         "         H.M. Corn from Polk Co.
"    "         "         H.M. Corn from Randolph Co.
Missouri State Commission,B.M. Winter wheat, No. 2
"    "         "         B.M. Collection of Fertilizers.
"    "         "         H.M. Country Soap.
"    "         "         S.M. Yellow Pine.
"    "         "         B.M. Spring Wheat #2
Mills County, Iowa Horticultural
Society                  G.M. Display of fruits.
Missouri State Horti, Socy.S.M. Collection of Apples, Old and New.
Missouri State Commission,H.M. Cotton Seed.
"       "        "       H.M. Cow Peas from La Clede Co.
Milner, Mrs. H.C.        B.M. Cina Painting
Missouri Lum. & Land
Exchange Co.             G.M. Lumber and timbers of yellow pine.
Mitchell Lewis & Co.     G.M. Wagons
Minnesota State Commission,H.M. Krell Piano.
"      "       "         S.M. Model of Whaleback, "Chris Columbus"
"      "       "         S.M. Model of Steamer "City of Superior"
"      "       "         G.M. Model of Ore care U.M. & N.R.R.
"      "       "         G.M.  "    of Chandler mine.
"   , State of           G.M. General Dairy Exhibit.
Milnurn Wagon Co.        S.M. Vehicles
Miami Powder Co.         B.M. Powder.
Minneapolis Furniture Co.H.M. Furniture.
"      Flour Mfg Co.     S.M. Minnesota Flour.
Minnesota Fish Commission,H.M. General Exhibit.
"    Sand Stone Co.      G.M. Parlor Mantel
"     "    "     "       B.M. Mantel
Miller, Miss Ida A.      H.M. China Painting.
Miller, Mrs. C.J.        H.M. Painted Panels.
Mickle Printing Press Co.G.M. Printing Press.
Missouri State Commission,G.M. Flour
"       "         "      G.M. St. Louis Graded Schools.
"       "         "      G.M. Normal School work.
"       "         "      G.M. St. Louis High School
"       "         "      G.M. Primary Schools of Moberly, Carthage, Jefferson
								City, and Hannibal.
"       "         "      G.M. Model High School Building Joplin, Mo.
"       "         "      G.M. Taxidermy, Kansas City High School
"       "         "      G.M. Model Country School House.
Missouri State Commission,G.M. St. Louis Kindergartens.
"       "         "      G.M. Girl's Reform School.
"       "         "      G.M. Boy's Reform School.
"       "         "      G.M. Negro Educational Exhibit, Manual training .
"       "         "      G.M. Negro Educational Exhibit.
Miller, Hugh L.          H.M. Wheat
Mine LaMotte Mining Co.  B.M. Nickle Cobalt Matte and Cobalt.
Miller, A.W.             B.M. Collective exhibit of agate, polished and rough
							opal Quartzite, Onyx, Quartz crystal, Cornelian,
 							Mica, Jasper, obsidian,Fossil, Beeswax and foliated talc.
Miller, A.W.             S.M. Variegated marble Dressed and Polished 
Miller Locke Co.         B.M. General Exhibit.
"    A.W.                S.M. Exhibit of marble
"    Mrs. Annie          H.M. Polished pebbles, cornelians, agates and Quartz
Miller Lock Co.          G.M. Cabinet Lock, padlock, Safety deposit lock
"     "    " Special Merit  Safe Deposit Vault Lock.
Miller, R.H.             M.   Juror.
Missouri Malleable Iron 
Co.                      G.M. Malleable Wagon Skeins.
Miles City Schools       G.M. Educational Work.
Mills, John              S.M. Collection of Grasses, Grains and Indian Corn.
Missouri State Commission,G.M. Education of Negros, Artistic Handiwork
Mickelwait, W.W.         B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Milton, Thos.            B.M.  "        "      "   95    "
Mitchell, J.L.           G.M. Valuable services in connection with the Fine
Arts Exhibit.
Mizutany, T. Representative
Japan Central Tea Ass'n  G.M. For excellence of architecture, arrangement and
								conduct of Japanese Tea garden
Menneola Seminary        S.M. Needlework and Art Embroidery.
Moyer, Edward            B.M. Quinces and Pears.
Moline Wagon Co.         G.M. Farm Wagon
Moses, T.C.              H.M. Plums in liquid.
Mound City Canning Co.   H.M. Canned Corn, Tomatoes and Pickles.
Model Mill Co.           H.M. Wheat from Chariton, Ia.
Montrose Milling Co.     H.M. Wheat form Henry Co.
Molholland, Wm.          H.M. Corn of our growth.
Moline Plow Co.          G.M. Corn planters, Listers, Rotary Disc, Silky Gang
Plows, Beet Seeders, Stalk Cutters, Riding and Walking Cultivators.
Moffatt, Albert          S.M. Computing scales.
Moeller, M.P.            G.M. Pipe organ
Moore Mfg. Co.           H.M. Root Soap.
Morrison, David B.       G.M. Gravity Filter
Morrill, Mrs. C.E.       H.M. Ceramics.
Morrow, F.C.             B.M. Ceramics.
Model School Room        G.M. Collective exhibit of modern school room
Molaronin Bros.          S.M. Majolica Vases.
Moyles, W.T.             B.M. Peaches, Seedling Pears.
Montezuma Co.            G.M. General Collection of fruits.
Morgan, W. & Wm. Bouton  B.M. Eagle carved from cedar.
Moffatt, Chas.           H.M. Nat'l Mineral Water from Cascades Springs, 
Columbia River.
Montgomery Ward & Co.    G.M. General Exhibit.
Mt. Carmel Coal Co.      B.M. Butuminous Coal.
Mollie Gibson Mining Co. S.M. Native silver, silver nugget from "Mollie 
Gibson" mine.
Montgomery, W.M.         H.M. Gypsum
Monarch Elevator Co.     G.M. No. 1,2, and 3  Hard wheat.
Moore, E.A.              B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Moores, Frank E.         B.M.  "        "      "   95   "
Monarch Mfg. Co.         G.M. Axle Greases
Moeller, M.P.            G.M. Excellence of three manual pipe organs.
Morris, Thos. F.         G.M. Morrins Packingless valves & automatic 
						regulators, perfect in design construction & operation.
Moore, Mrs. Geo. P.      H.M. Rug.
Morgan, S.J.             G.M. Adjustable Dress Patterns.
Monk, John J. (Marine Arch) G.M. Swan Boat Unique Design
Morgan, E.N.             S.M. General Agriculatural Decorations.
Murray, E.N.             G.M. 697 plates of fruits
Murphy, J.W.             B.M. 17 varieties of apples.
"     R.                 H.M. Hyslop Crab Apples in liquid.
Munson Bros.             G.M. Little Giant Water Wheel, Robinson corn wheel and
								under running stone wheel.
Mulhouser Co., The F.    S.M. Shoddy or re-claimed wool fiber
Murray Iron Works        G.M. Corlis Engine
Mueller, H.O.            G.M. Fuel Feding Apparatus
Murphy, J.W.             B.M. Squaw corn.
Murphy, C.A.             G.M. General School exhibit.
Myers, M.F.              B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
McEwan, H.               G.M. Olive oil.
McElenery, J.H.          H.M. Blue Damson plums in liquid.
McClune, Helen           H.M. Carved Rosewood Easel.
McCord Brady Co.         G.M. Collective exhibit of roasted coffees in                              
McCune, Miss Laura       H.M. China Painting.
McCann, J.P.             S.M. Large specimen of lead ore.
McBride, A.C.            B.M. Calcite Crystals.
McCann, J.P.             S.M. Specimen of crystallized Galena
McGinchey, John          S.M. Apples, pears, peaches.
McGirity, J.B.           B.M. Collection of apples.
McClay, Mrs. G.          H.M. Exhibit of apples.
McCall, R.T.             S.M. Butter scoring above 97 points.
McFadden, W.B.           B.M.   "       "      "   95    "
McCord Brady Co.         G.M. Tulip Chop Japan Tea and Maravilla chop 
Ceylon Tea.
McCormick, Hon. R. Hall  G.M. Valuable services in connection with the Fine
Arts Exhibit.
McLean, Geo. E.          C.M. Chancellor Nebraska State University
McCormick, R. Hall       C.M. Vice President for Illinois.
McCord Brady Co.         G.M  "Stone Idol" chop flavor in roasted coffee.
McSherry Mfg. Co.        G.M. Drills and Harrows.
McKnight, G.H.           B.M. Prizetaker onions.
McMillen, F.S.           H.M. Livingstone Co. Oats.
McRoberts, H.F.          B.M. Lewis Co. Wheat.
McRoberts, W.B.          B.M. Canadian Field Pea.
McMurphy, Mrs. Harriett S.,G.M. Model Kitchen.
McDonald D.              B.M. Collection of vegetables.
McMillon, H.             H.M. Red and yellow ochre
McQuarrie, Robert        H.M. Silver Bearing sandstone from Silfer Reef,Utah.
McLain, F.J.             H.M. Exhibit of apples.
McLeod & Smith           G.M. Leather and Mahogany furniture.
McKillip, H.W.           B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
McRostie, Mrs. J.H.      B.M.   "       "      "   95   "
National Lead Co.        G.M. General Exhibit.
"      "   "Highest Award  White Lead.
"      "   "             G.M. "Warranted Half & Half Solder" Phoenix 
Babbitt metal traps and bends.
"    Tonic Co.           H.M. Nutrix
"    Gramophone Co.      S.M. Gramophone talking machine.
"    Artificial Limb
Co.                      G.M. Adjustable lacing leather socket
Nature's Study Publishing
Company                  G.M. Colored photographs of birds, animals and
New Process Mfg. Co.     G.M. Clipper Fire Extinguisher.
"   "       "   "        B.M. Metal car and House roof.
Nelson, H.               B.M. Collection of fruits.
Nebraska Telephone Co.   G.M. Practical Telephone office.
Neimeyer, A.             B.M. Table grapes in liquid.
N.Y. Wool Exchange       S.M. Exhibit of wool.
Nelson & Sons, Thomas    G.M. Bibles and Hymn Books.
Nepera Chemical Co.      G.M. Velox Print paper.
Neb State Miller's Ass'n,G.M. Flour of all descriptions.
Nephi Plaster Co.        B.M. Gypsum and plaster made from it.
Nez Perces Co. Idaho     G.M. Collection of fruits in jars.
Nebraska State Horticultural
Society                  G.M. Collection of fruits.
Nelson, N.               G.M.      "     "    "
Nebraska Commission      B.M. Honey shwon in packages adapted to the 
requirements of the trade.
"        "              B.M. Sweet Clover Extracted Honey.
"        " York, Neb.   S.M. White Clover Comb Honey.
Nebraska State Commission,S.M. Linden Comb Honey
"       "         "      H.M. Alfalfa Extracted Honey
"       "         "      S.M. Linden extracted Honey.
"       "         "      S.M. Queen & Bees in observatory hives.
"      Seed Company      G.M. Seed Exhibit.
"      Cereal Co.        H.M. Cereal and nut productions.
Newberg Brick & Clay Co. B.M. Building Brick
Neligh & Co., J.P.S.     S.M. Aquatic plants.
Nemeha County, Nebr.     S.M. Educational Work.
Nez Perces Co. Idaho     G.M. Collection of fresh fruits.
Nelson, Magnus           H.M. Apples from Michigan.
Newton Public Schools    G.M. Educational Work, maps, etc.
New Germany Creamery Co. B.M. Butter scoring abover 95 points.
Neale, David             S.M. Riprap system
Neville, Wm.             C.M. Vice President for Nebraska.
Nichols, Darwin          H.M. Barlett Pears.
Nichols, J.F.            B.M. Two large watermelons, 122 lbs.
Niagra Paper Co.         S.M. Cover paper.
Nicholson File Co.       G.M. Exhibit of files rasps, etc.
Nixon, Geo. S.           B.M. Crude Sulphur
Nims Bros.               B.M. Yellow Corn.
Nielsen, J.P.            B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Niebert, H.J.            B.M.   "       "      "   95   "
Nicholson, J.W.          M.   Juror.
Northrup King & Co.      B.M. Grains and Grass seed.
Norris, R.E.             B.M. Apples and Bartlett Pears.
Nodaway County, Mo.      B.M. Collection of fruits.
Norfolk Beet Sugar Co.   G.M. Beet Sugar
Northwestern Grass Twine G.M. Grass twine and matting.
Northern Electric Co.    H.M. Electric Motor
Northwestern Railway Co. G.M. Standard R.R. Ticket Office & relief map
							North American Transportation
and Grading Co.          S.M. Gold nuggets.
No. Dak. Millers' Ass'n  B.M. Minnesotat Flour.
Novelty Mfg. Co.         G.M. Novelty Disc Sharpener
North Star Woolen Mills  G.M. Wool Blankets.
Normal School, Marysville
Kansas                   B.M. Educational Work.
Northrup King & Co.      G.M. Grains and grass seed.
Noyes, W.J.              S.M. Butter scoring above 97 points.
No. Western Fair Ass'n
State of Washington      G.M. Collection of apples.
Norton Bros.             G.M. Tin cans and metal signs.
No. Pacific Ry. Co.      S.M. Railway car containing exhibit of Agricultural
Nova Scotia Fruit Growers'
Ass'n                    G.M. Apples.
Northern, W.J.           G.M. Vice President for Georgia
Nutting Truck Co.        G.M. Best Display of platform trucks.
Nuckolls Co. Neb.        G.M. Educational Work.
Oberst, John             H.M. Blue Grass.
O'Brien, R.T.            B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Ocander, John            H.M. Spring Wheat.
O'Donnell, J.D.          H.M. Exhibit of apples.
Ohio Rake Co.            S.M. Lister, Disc Cultivator and "BullsEye" Corn
"   Cultivator Co.       S.M. Belleville Anti friction Harrow and Ohio
"   Falls Car Co.        B.M. Buckeye Car Truck.
Ohlenberg, S.            S.M. Large collection of fresh apples.
Oklahoma Territory       S.M. Cotton
"     Mill Co.           G.M. Oklahoma Flour.
Oliman, Manuel           S.M. Mexican Onyx
Olden Fruit Co.          G.M. 446 Plates.
Oliphant, F.H.           S.M. Crude oils.
Olds Gasoline Engine Co. H.M. Gasoline Engine
Olson, H.P.              B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Olander, H.E.            S.M.  "        "      "   97    "
Oltrogge, F.C.           B.M.  "        "      "   95    "
Oldham, Geo. B.          H.M. Services as official weighmaster, valuable
Omaha Brewing Ass'n HIGHEST AWARD, Draught Beer.
Omaha Brewing Ass'n      G.M. Blue Ribbon Bottled Beer.
"   Shot and Lead Wrks.  G.M. Drop and chilled shot.
"   Anchor Fence Co.     G.M. Fence.
"   Glove Mfg. Co.       G.M. Green Lamb Glace
"  & Grant Smelter Wrks  G.M. Column of 48 pure silver ingots.
Oneida Community, Ltd.   G.M. Game Traps.
Omro Horticultural Soc'y.S.M. Fall and Winter apples.
Oregon Co. Oregon        B.M. Peaches.
Orr, Mrs. T.M.           S.M. Ceramics
Orchard & Wilhelm Carpet 
Co.                      S.M. Strickley' Bros. Co.'s Artistic tables and
Oriental Powder Mills    S.M. Powder.
Oregon State Exhibit     H.M. Building Stones.
Orr, Robert A.           B.M. Six varieties of apples.
Oxborn & Co., C.S.       G.M. Harness Tools.
Otis, Spencer            G.M. Covering for Steam Pipes.
Otero Co. Hort. Soc'y    G.M. Display of fruits.
Otto Gas Engine          G.M. Gasoline engines.
Otoe Co. Neb.            G.M. Educational Work.
"  "    "                G.M. Broom making, carpet weaving chrochet and 
bead work.
Owens, R.B.              G.M. Supt. Machinery & Electricity.
Oxnard Beet Sugar Co.    G.M. Beet sugar.
Parker, H.C.             H.M. Bellflower apples.
"    E.W.                H.M. Silver Prunes, Burbank plums and Satsuma plums.
Patton, Geo.             S.M. Loquats
Pan American Acetylene
Gas Co.                  G.M. Acetylene Gas Machine.
Park, Mrs. Vina M.       S.M. Ceramics
Parks, Miss Alice        B.M. China Painting.
Parker & Russell M.&M.Co.S.M. Gas Retort and various forms of material with the
								clay from which it is made.
Pacific Coast Borax Co.  B.M. Crude Borax, Etc.
Patten, Horace, B.       S.M. Zeolites.
Payette, Ezra            S.M. 11 varieties Seedling Apples.
Parks, W.S.              B.M. 17 varieties of apples.
Patton, Frank C.         H.M. Barrel cart, Chain Harrow and Cider mill.
"       "                S.M. Bobbsled, swing table and drag saws.
Parlin Orendorf & Martin G.M. Bain Wagon.
"       "         "      S.M. Olds wagon.
Pawnee Co. Neb.          S.M. Educational Work.
Pacific Pottery Co.      B.M. Draintile Hollow brick terra cotta Chimney
							pipe and sewer pipe.
Pacific Coast Marble Co. B.M. Polished marble.
Page Woven Wire Fence Co.G.M. Wire Fencing.
Parlin Orandorf & Martin G.M. Riding lister, Diamond Riding plow, Buckeye
							Disc, Grain Drill and Disc Plows
Parkhurst, R.            B.M. Exhibit Alexander apples.
Parlin Orandorf & Martin S.M. Sechler Diamond Buggy.
Paola Creamery Co.       B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Parks, George B.         B.M.   "       "      "   95   "
Palmer, H.L.             B.M.   "       "      "   95   "
Patrick, Robt. W.        G.M. Valuable services in connection with the Fine
Arts Exhibit.
Pacheco, Capt. Ricardo   C.M. First Artillery Band of Mexico.
Page, Walter T.          M.   Juror.
Parsons, Geo. W.         C.M. Vice-President for California.
Parker, C. Harrison      C.M.  "        "     "  Louisiana.
Pague, B.S.              G.M. Literature on climatic conditions.
Peterson, Alvin          B.M. 11 plates of apples.
"      Frank             B.M. Animal heads in grain and grasses.
Perfecto Hygenic Mfg. Co.B.M. Pipes.
Pelonze scale Mfg. Co.   S.M. Scales.
Pennsylvania Salt Co.    G.M. Chemicals.
Peterson, Louis          G.M. Horse Shoes.
Perfect, Mrs. E.R.       H.M. Ceramics.
Pennsylvanie Electric Co.B.M. General Exhibit.
Penrod, E.               H.M. Free Milling Gold ore.
Pecos Valley Irrigation & Improvement 
Co.            HIGHEST AWARD. Collection of fruits and vegetables.
Perrine, L.B.            G.M. Collection of fruits.
Peck, Stowe & Wilcox     S.M. Food Cutters.
Perry Mill Co.           S.M. Oklahoma Flour.
Pearson, Howard Fm.      S.M. Exhibit of photograph finished in oil.
Perfection Orange Blend Co. G.M. Perfection Orange Blend.
Pears, M.H.              B.M. Exhibit of Apples.
Peterman, Wm.            D.M. Butter scoring above 97 points.
Peacock, W.              B.M. Two varieties of cherries in liquid.
Peebles, T.F.            B.M. Late Duke cherries.
Peoria Cordage Co.       G.M. Rope and twine exhibit.
Pearoy, Frank H.         C.M. Vice President for Minnesota.
Pflander, W.H.           B.M. 10 plates of white Heath Peaches.
Pfeiffer, Mrs. W.G.      H.M. Smoke Painting.
Phillips, Mrs. L.V.      S.M. Ceramics.
Phillips, Emily E.       H.M. Skirt Supporter.
Phelps Co. Neb.          G.M. Educational Work.
Phillips, H.J.           S.M. Winter apples.
Photo-Colortype Co.      G.M. Reproducing natural objects in color three 
"       "     "          G.M. Impressions, etc.
Phinney, Frederick       C.M. In recognition Hon. Services, Phinney's Band.
Pilot, Madam             S.M. Bronze Jewel Cases.
Pilcher, J.F.            S.M. Commercial Mica, Fine quality, free cleavage,
							superior quality for stove and electrical purposes.
Pinkney, Miss J.R.       B.M. China Painting.
Pitney Shutter Works     G.M. Shutter attachment.
Pingree & Smith          S.M. Shoes.
Pierce Co. Neb.          B.M. Educational Work.
Pioneer Stone Co.        H.M. Monuments, Column and bases of dressed grey
Pittsburg Kansas Public 
School                   G.M. Educational Work, relief maps etc.
Picotte, Henry           H.M. Squaw Corn.
Pittsburg Ks Vitrified Paving
Brick Co.                S.M. Building and Paving Brick.
Pilcher, Miss Annie B.   G.M. Art Curios.
Plummer, OPS.            H.M. Yellow Egg Plums.
Pleasant Valley Coal Co. S.M. Bituminous Coal.
Plummer, A.L.            H.M. White Oats.
Platte Co. Neb.          G.M. Educational Work.
Plonty, Joseph           S.M. Butter scoring above 97 points.
Plumb, C.S.              M.   Juror.
Pozzi, H.H.              B.M. Rag and wax figures.
Powell, F.N.             H.M. 7 varieties of apples.
Parter, L.S.             H.M. Green Almonds in Glass.
Pomona Exp. College      H.M. Ogon plums.
Porfit, Mrs. C.E.        H.M. China Painting.
Powers, Edward           H.M. Hog Pen.
Ponca City               S.M. Oklahoma Flour.
Porter's Souvenit        B.M. Minnesota Flour.
Porter, John A.          S.M. Free gold in quartz form "Smuggler Union" Mine.
Porterfield, M.W.        B.M. Turquoise
Powell, F.F.             G.M. Colelctive Exhibit of relief maps.
Porver Sir John & Son    G.M. Dublin Whiskeys.
Polk Co. Neb.            S.M. Educational Work.
Pope Mfg. Co.            G.M. Chainless Bicycles
Porrell, J.C.            H.M. Kentish cherries in liquid.
Porter Bros.             S.M. Hops.
Pohukaua School, Hawaii  G.M. Industrial School Work.
Pottawatamie Co. Iowa    B.M. 23 varieties of grapes.
Prang Educational Co.    G.M. Pictures Drawing Books and decorations for
Province of Alberta      G.M. General Exhibit of Products.
Province of Manitoba     G.M. General Exhibit of Products.
Prague, H.C.             B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Preiss, Mrs. Frank J.    S.M. Honey cakes and cookies.
President and Trustees Museum 
of Art, Detroit, Mich.   G.M. Valuable service in connection with the Fine Arts
President & Trustees Art 
Institute, Chicago       G.M. Valuable services in connection with the Fine
Arts Exhibit.
President & Trustees Museum 
of Fine Arts, St. Louis  G.M. Valuable services in connection with the Fine
Arts Exhibit.
Praeger, O.A.            B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Prince, L.B.             C.M. Vice President for New Mexico.
Pracht, May              B.M. Solway Peaches in liquid.
Pullman, F.J.            H.M. Hungarian Prunes.
Pucks Soap Co.           B.M. Mechanic's Soap and Kitcholine
Public Schools of Newton,
Kansas                   G.M. Maps, etc.
Pub. Schools of 
Pittsberg,Kansas         G.M. Relief maps.
Public Schools of 
Atchison, Kansas         G.M. Maps, Drawings, etc.
Pueblo, Colorado         S.M. Lloyd Work.
Pullman Palace Car Co.   G.M. World's Fair Train.
Public Schools of Clay
Center, Kansas           S.M. Maps, Drawings, etc.
Pulliam Bros.            H.M. Exhibit of Apples.
Public Schools of 
Seneca,Kansas            S.M. Maps, Drawings, etc.
Pub. Schools of 
Leavenworth, Kansas      H.M.  "        "      "
Pub. Schools of 
Portland, Oregon         G.M. High School and Grade Work.
Public Schools of 
Baker City, Oregon       G.M. Grade Work.
Public Schools of Omaha,
Nebraska                 G.M. Manual Training School, Exhibit in operation.
Queen Butter Maker       B.M. Churn.
Quivold, E.O.            B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Q C Co., The             G.M. Servis Tie plates.
"  "     "               B.M. Railway appliances.
Q & C. Co.               B.M. General exhibit of Railway specialties.
Ranche, Nellie Dot       G.M. Practical illustrations in the art of cookery.
Rapp, J.B.               H.M. Apples in liquid.
Rathbone Lard & Co.      G.M. Collective Stove Exhibits.
Rand McNally & Co.       G.M. Maps, gloves atlases and books
Rash, Mrs. D.            H.M. Apples.
Rans, Toyeka             S.M. Maps of Kansas made of grain.
Ramcacciotti, H.L.       C.M. In recognition of honorable services as
Veterinary Surgeon.
Racine Boat Mfg. Co.     G.M. Electro Vapor Launch.
Reld, Homer              H.M. Keiffer Pears.
Record, A.               B.M. 10 plates Pippins Grindes and golden apples.
"     J.F.               B.M. 55 plates of Stalk apples.
Revolution Harness Co.   G.M. Harness and Harness hardware.
Resser, Lillian          B.M. Water colors.
Reichenberg Smith Co.    S.M. General Exhibit.
Reauteau, L.             B.M. Imitation Pearls.
Remington Arms Co.       G.M. Shot guns, rifles and pistols.
Reichenbach Morey & Will
Co.                      S.M. Photo Printing Co.
Republic of Hawaii       G.M. Leaf Tobacco.
Reem, W.A.               H.M. Corn.
Republic Gold Mining Co. B.M. Free Gold ore.
Reeves, James A.         S.M. Zinc Crystals.
Reco Mining Co.          B.M. Argentiferous Lead Ores.
Regard Fils  M.          S.M. Imitation precious stones.
Red Willow Co. Neb.      B.M. Agricultural Exhibit.
Renn, W.A.               H.M. Corn.
Red Willow County, Nebr. G.M. Educational Exhibit.
Republic of Hawaii       G.M. Educational Exhibit.
Red Lake Falls Milling Co., S.M. Minnesota Flour.
Reliable Incubator & Brooder
Company                  G.M. Combination incubator and Brooder.
Republic of Hawaii       S.M. Prepared sauces, Chuetneys, jams and jellies.
Reliable Incubator &
Brooder Co.              S.M. Hot air Incubator.
Retch, Frank             B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Reynolds, Mrs. Lizzie W. H.M. Quilt.
Redell, John J.          C.M. Chief of Fire Dept. Recognition of valuable
Richardson, C.H.         B.M. Strawberry Guavo
Rich HIll Mining Co.     B.M. Picco of bituminous Coal weighing 3400#
Richland Co. No. Dak.    S.M. Collection of apples grown by R.H. Hankinson.
Richland No. Dak.
Richardson County Nebr.  G.M. Educational Work.
Ripley Hardware Co.      S.M. Van Culin Incubator.
"       "     "          S.M. Feed Cooker.
Richardson, Mrs. W.D.    B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Ridgely, F.L.            G.M. Valuable services in connection with the Fine
Arts Exhbit.
Riley, Edward            C.M. Juror.
Rockport Fair Ass'n      S.M. Collection of apples and pears.
Roby, O.K.               H.M. Peaches.
Ross Mfg. Co.            S.M. Hand and power feed cutters.
Roderick Lean Mfg. Co.   S.M. Zig Zag Harrows.
Roberts, O.E.            B.M. Bananas.
Ross & Son, W.H.         G.M. Ginger Ale lemonade and soda water.
Ross & Brother           G.M. Jamacia Rum.
Robinson & Co.           S.M. Maple Syrup and sugar.
Ross & Bros.             B.M. Line juice.
"     "                  S.M. Orange Bitters and Raspberry Vinegar
"      "                 S.M. Bass Pale Ale and Extra Stout.
Rohrbough Bros.          S.M. General Exhibit.
Rose Patent Grate Co.    S.M. Grates.
Rolph & Co., W.T.        S.M. Sofa Beds.
Robert Dempster & Co.    G.M. General Display Photo Material
Rounds, B.J.             S.M. Artificial Limbs
Rose & Bros.             H.M. Musk Ox Head.
Routtman, C.M.           H.M. Collection of Pears.
Rocky Mountain Stucco
Plaster Mfg. Co.         B.M. Stucco Plaster.
Roessler & Hasslacher
Chemical Co.             G.M. Chemicals.
Root Co., A.J.           G.M. Apiarian supplies and implements.
Robnis & Son             H.M. Gold base ore.
Rogers Locomotive Co.    G.M. Passenger Engine.
Roberts, H.C.            B.M. Collection of fruits.
Rockafellow, B.T.        S.M. 50 varieties of apples.
Rock County, Nebr.       H.M. Educational Work.
Ross, O.B.               B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Robbins, Mrs. C.H.       B.M.   "       "      "   95   "
Rosenan, H.J.            B.M.   "       "      "   95   "
Ross, W.H. & Bro.        G.M. Wm. Yomeger's Pale Ale.
Robinson Thermal Bath    
Cabinet Co.              S.M. Bath Cabinet
Root Co., The A.I.       G.M. Collection of Bee Hives.
Rosewater, Dr. Victor    M.   Juror.
Ross & Sons, W.A.        G.M. Belfast Ginger Ale.
Roberts, C.W.            H.M. Cow Peas from Lewis County.
Runbaugh, J.N.           G.M. one plate Duchess Pears.
Rumsey Mfg. Co.          G.M. Coil Lead Pipe.
Russell & Erwin Mfg. Co. G.M. Builders Hardware
Rumpp, C.F.              S.M. Hand Carved Leather Goods.
Russell, Geo.            H.M. Ores from Contract Camp.
Russey, H.C.             B.M. Apples, Pears, Plums, etc.
Russell & Co., J.M.      G.M. Continuous display of peaches.
Rustin, Henry            C.M. In recognition of honorable services as Supt.
Bureau of Light and Power, Buildings & Grounds Department.
Rudebeck, N.             C.M. Superintendent Washington Exhibit.
Ryder, Merrill           B.M. Skins & Heads.
Rylander, C.M.           H.M. Nelson Car Coupler
Ryan, Geo. W.            S.M. Cut Glass, Jewelry, Souvenirs.
Ryner, H.P.              B.M. Gen'l Superintendent Am. Dist. Tel. Co.
Sandwich Mfg. Co.        S.M. Sandwich Hay Press
"       "    "           G.M. Clean Sweep Hay Loader.
"       "    "           G.M. Sandwich Corn Sheller.
Sapp, Jasper             H.M. Wheat grown in Boone County.
Sanborn Co., The F.E.    G.M. The Exhibit of Stock Food.
"     George F.          G.M. Star Paper Cutter.
Sarpy County             S.M. Continuous display of Fruits.
Saline County, Nebraska  S.M. Agricultural Exhibit.
Saunders, Prof. J.E.     G.M. Educational Work of Pupils
Sarpy County, Nebr.      S.M. Educational Work.
Saline County, Nebr.          Educational Work.
Saunders County, Nebr.   G.M. Educational Work.
Salsbury & Satterlee     G.M. Wool Mattresses.
Sabine Lard & Improvement
Co.                      B.M. Instructive Adversiting Exhibit.
Santleman, Prof. Wm. H.  C.M. Hon. Service U.S. Marine Band.
Schnectady Locomotive Co.G.M. "Locomotive"
Scott, John              G.M. Michael Oranges and Mexican Limes.
"     "                  B.M. Mediterranean Sweet Oranges and Valencia Late
Scherp Ignace            H.M. Lemons in liquid, Oranges in liquid and
olives in liquid.
Schults, Aug.            B.M. Corn from Schuyler Co.
Scott & Co.              H.M. White corn from Scott Co.
Schuyler, Miss           H.M. Two Pastels.
Schieren & Co., Chas A.  G.M. Perforated Electric Leather Belting.
"        "               S.M. Collective display of leather belting
sole and lace leather.
Scott, Richard           S.M. Wool.
Scio Mineral Paint Co.   H.M. Mineral Paint "Oride of Iron" crude and in
School of Mines & Metallurgy
of the State of Missouri G.M. Exhibit of the Mining and Metallurgical School.
Scharnhurst, C.J.        B.M. Collection of fruits.
Schofield, Shurmer & Teagle, G.M. Artistic Installation of exhibits.
Schumacher, F.           S.M. Collection of small fruits.
Schleinher, R.           S.M. Peaches and Grapes.
Schultz, Aug.            B.M. Cob Pip Corn from Aus S. Commision.
Schack, Louis            S.M. Butter scoring above 97 points.
Schnoeder, Louis L.      B.M.   "       "      "   95   "
Schultz, Alfred          B.M.   "       "      "   95   "
Scheiber, E.L.           B.M.   "       "      "   95   "
Scully, W.W.             H.M. Hyslop crab apples Translucent in liquid.
Schofield Surmer & Teagle, G.M. "Ideal" Valve oil.
"        "        "      G.M. Pala cine oil.
Schlitz Brewing Co.      G.M. Artistic Installation.
Scribner's Sons, Chas.   G.M. Valuable services in connection with the Fine
Arts Exhibit.
Schmidt, H.              M.   Juror.
Schurig, Ed L.           M.   Juror.
Secondo, Guasti          B.M. Port Wine.
"       "                G.M. Sherry Wine
"       "                S.M. Zinfandal Wine.
Sedwick, R.C.            H.M. Gandy Strawberries.
Secretaria de Formento   S.M. Mexican Saddle.
"     "     "            G.M. Agave and other fibers
"     "     "            G.M. Agricultural Products.
Self Lifting Elevator Co.G.M. Self Lifting Elevator.
Seveitzer Booyer         H.M. Nickle and Cobalt ores.
Seegor, Mrs. Mary        S.M. Designs in beeswax
Senaca Public Schools    S.M. Educational Work, maps, drawings, etc.
Sechler Carriage Co.     G.M. Buggies and Surries, corn planters and 
corn drills.
Seamna, F.W.             B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Searles, John F.         H.M. Chalcopyrite and Bainite.
Seissors, Wm.            B.M. Bramen Plums and Bradshaw Plums, in liquid.
Seibrecht & Son          G.M. Ornamental trees and shrubs and decorating 
Stewart, C.W.            G.M. Artistic installation of Nebraska State
Educational Exhibit.
Search, Mrs. L.H.        B.M. Pillow shams.
Secor, E.                H.M. Apples.
Shutts, S.               B.M. Collection of apples.
Sharples Company, The    G.M. Cream Separator and Dairy Supplies.
Short, Mrs. Eliza        H.M. Corn from Nodoway Co. Mo.
Sharp Co., Chris.        B.M. White Wheat, river cotton, prize cotton
Shultz Belting Co.       B.M. Collective Exhibit of Belting.
Sharple Co., The         G.M. No Tnie Babcock Tester.
Shields, Mrs. M.         H.M. China Painting.
Shimerhorn M & M Co, 
C.H.                     H.M. Silver, Lead and Gold ores.
Stieringer, Luther HIGHEST AWARD.  Artistic effect of the electric 
							illumination of the Grand Court and the 
"Nautilus" Fountain.
Shorty Hope M. & M. Co.  H.M. Gold ore.
Sheldon, E.P.            S.M. Flax
Sheffield Milling Co.    S.M. Minnesota Flour.
Shannon, M.B.            H.M. Royal Ann Cherries.
Shickley Bros. Co.       S.M. Artistic tables and chairs.
Shingle, Robt. W.        C.M. Superintendent Hawaiian Exhibit.
Shurtliff, Lewis W.      C.M. Vice President for Utah.
Shawhan, R.P.            C.M. Vice President for Idaho.
Shanks, Clinton B.       G.M. Accurate and Artistic Engrossing 
Sieb & Holstein          B.M. Potato Bug Destroyer.
Svers, Ted.              B.M. 18 plates of Northern Spy apples.
Sintz Gas Engine Co.     H.M. Gasoline Engine.
Silver City Reduction 
Works                    B.M. Collection of copper ores.
Siskiyon Copping Mining 
Co.                      H.M. Copper ores.
Simpson, I.N.            M.   Juror.
Skinner, P.B.            G.M. Minnesota Flour.
Slanson, James           G.M. Two varieties
Slair, Ida M.            B.M. Plaster Heads
Slaughter, J.C.          H.M. Exhibit of apples.
Sloan, C.A.              B.M. Apples.
Slater, H.M.             B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Sluman, C.V.             H.M. Pacific prunes and fresh fruits.
Smouse, F.S.             B.M. 6 plates apples, 5 varieties.
Smith, Lilly             H.M. Oil Paintings in still life.
"    Lillian             H.M. China Painting.  
"    A.J.                S.M. Siliceous gold ores.

Smith, Syl J.            S.M. Sylvanite specimen showing cross of goldraised 
 								on surface with blow pipe.
"    B.F.                B.M. Collection of pears
"    Geo. B.             B.M. Fall and winter apples.
"    & Co., M.E.         G.M. Textiles and Factory in operation.
"    & Son, M.H.         S.M. Golden Row Dent Nebr. White Prize and Mammoth
 							White Corn.
"    W.H.                B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
"    H.R.                S.M.   "       "      "   97   "
"    T.S.                B.M. Royal Ann Cherries in liquid.
"    Premier Typewriter
Co.            HIGHEST AWARD  Artistic Intallation of Exhibit.
Smith, Dudley            C.M. Commisioner to England.
Snodgrass, J.T.          B.M. 143 plates.
Snyder, O.H.             C.M. In recognition honorable services as 
So. Calif. Packing Co.   G.M. Canned Fruits.
Sormano, G.              B.M. Sherry and Port Wine.
"      "                 G.M. Grape Brandy.
Southern Calif. Wine Co. G.M. Zinfandel, Muscat and other wines and brandies.
"       "      "   "     G.M. Burganda Orange wine and Johannisberger wine.
"       "   Deciduous  
Fruit Exchange           S.M. Dried apricots and dried peaches.
Souck, G.                B.M. Silk and fancy Tapestry.
Sonora Lace Co.          G.M. Linen Drawn work.
Solway Process Co., The  G.M. Chemicals.
Southern Cypress Lumber
Association              G.M. Cypress Lumber rough and manufactured plain
and ornamental.
South Platte Creamery    B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Sorensen, Andrew         S.M.   "       "      "   97   "
"       S.S.             S.M.   "       "      "   97   "
Sorentzen, James J.      B.M.   "       "      "   95   "
Somano, G.               B.M. Grape Brandy.
Sommer, E.               M.   Juror.
Sprague, A.K.            S.M. Antelope Valley almonds from Fairmont.
I.H.L. ne plus ultra nonpariel.
Spangler, J.W.           H.M. Millet from Lewis County.
Spear, G.S.              B.M. Grapes in liquid for table use.
Spaulding, Miss Lizzie   H.M. Water color painting.
Springfield Gas Engine 
Co.                      H.M. Gas Engine.
Spaulding, J.H.          B.M. Sylvanite from Lady Franklin mine.
Speigl & Levy            S.M. Fresh fruits Bing Cherries and Lamberts
Spaulding, Russell       G.M. Valuable services in connection with the Fine
Arts Exhibit.
Speer, R.P.              H.M. 10 varieties of apples.
Starbuck, E.             B.M. 8 varieties of apples.
Strong, Mrs. W.H.K.      G.M. Pampas plumes
Steele, W.K.             S.M. Falming Tokay grapes
Stone, John H.           B.M. 25 plates of apples.

State of Missouri        G.M. Continued display of fruits from June 1st to Nov.
1st, 1898.
Striker, H.              H.M. Sections of stalks bearing corn.
State of Iowa            G.M. Artistic installation of fruits.
"   "  Oregon            S.M. Wines of various sorts
"   "   "                S.M. Grains, grasses and potatoes
"   "   "                G.M. General exhibit of minerals and ores
"   "   "                B.M. Kavlin and products made therefrom
"   "   "                B.M. Mineral Soap.
"   "  Minnesota         G.M. Lace making Exhibit.
"   "     "              S.M. Collective exhibit from ore resources of
Minnesota together with methods of mining and transportation of iron ore.
State of Nebraska        G.M. Floral desings, palms, ferns, etc.
"   "  Washington        S.M. Exhibit of ores.
"   "  Wyoming           G.M. Consolidated Exhibit of ores and minerals.
"   "  Utah              G.M. Collective Exhibit of minerals, ores etc.
"   "  Wyoming           S.M. Crude petroleum
"   "  Nevada            H.M. State Museum Collection
State of Nevada          S.M. Grain grasses and flour.
"   "  Montana           G.M. Collective Exhibit of minerals & ores.
"   "  Georgia           B.M. Gold ores.
"   "     "              G.M. Building stone, marble, granite, etc.
"   "     "              C.M. Aluminum ores and products.
Standeford, Miss M.K.    B.M. Tea Set.
Starrett, C.L.S.         G.M. Fine machinists Tools.
Standard Mfg. Co.        G.M. Enameled Sanitary appliances.
"      Tool Co.          S.M. Twist Drills, Etc.
Stinemetz, S.P.          G.M. Personal electric exhibit.
Steiner & Kolliner       G.M. Garnet jewelry.
Standard Sewing Machine Co., G.M. Mfg. Sewing machines.
"       "         "      G.M. Family Sewing machines.
Star Shoe Co.            B.M. Misses and children's shoes.
Standard Oil Co.         S.M. Exhibit of Oils.
Stetson, John B.         G.M. Men's Hats.
Strup, Wm.               G.M. Terra cotta art.
Steckel, George          G.M. Photographs.
Stanley Rule & Level Co. G.M. Improved carpenter's tools.
Stone, W.H.              H.M. Red Astrachan apples.
Stratton, W.S.           S.M. Calaverite, Telluride of gold from Independence
Stanton, Frank McM.      G.M. Minerals and rocks, copper, etc.
Stabler, John            B.M. Exhibit Calcite crystals.
Studebaker Bros. Mfg. Co.H.M. Abraham Lincoln Carriage.
"        "    "    "     G.M. Buggies etc.
"        "    "    "     S.M. Platform wagons.
"        "    "    "     G.M. General exhibit of wagons.
Sterling Boiler Comp. Co.G.M. Liquid Boiler compound.
"       "      "    "    S.M. Dustless floor oils.
Stickley Bros.           S.M. Tables and chairs.
Standard paint Co.       G.M. Rubberoid Roofing.
St. John's Lutheran Church,
Council Bluffs           H.M. Quilt.
Stedman, L.M.            M.   Juror.
Sterret, Dr. J.A.        M.   Juror.
State of Texas           M.   Collection of Nat. Hist. Specimens.
Sterrett, F.M.           G.M. President Missouri Commission.
Stieringer, Luther       G.M. Artistic effect of the electric illuminations of
						the Grand Court and the "Nautilus" fountain.
Starrett, S.B.           H.M. Fresh oranges and quinces.
Stuart, B.               B.M. Apples, plums, pears.
Stephens, David          S.M. Collection of fruits.
Sawyer, W.J.             S.M. Collection of fruits.
Stanton Mgr. J.W.        G.M. Illinois State Fruit Exhibit.
Sterling Cycle Works     S.M. Chainless bicycles and safeties.
Stoddard Mfg. Co.        S.M. "Tiger" Hay rakes and Corn planters.
"       "    "           B.M. Disc Harrow "Tiger"
"       "    "           B.M. Disc Plow "Tiger"
Stroebel, Conrad         B.M. Reversible plow.
Stime, F.M.              B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Stewart, F.L.            B.M.  "        "      "   95   "
Stenberg, S.             B.M.  "        "      "   95   "
Stewart, Paul P.         B.M.  "        "      "   95   "
Struehmeier, H.          B.M. Lawton blackberries in liquid.
Strooshauser, C.         S.M. Center piece evaporated fruits and prunes.
St. Helen's Hall         G.M. Kindergarten & Primary Work.
G.M. Standard Tool Co.   G.M. Twist Drills.
Standard Oil Co.         G.M. Capital Cylinder Oil.
"       "  "             G.M. Perfection oil.
Stewart, C.W.            B.M. Services as Supt. of Educational Exhibit
Stilson, L.D.            B.M. Unrefined Beeswax.
Stoecker, W.F.           S.M. Smoker's Articles.
State of Colorado        G.M. General Collection of fruits.
"   "     "              S.M. General Educational Exhibit.
"   "  Georgia           B.M. Indian corn factory, cheese & Timber Sp
"   "    "               G.M. Ornamental Lmbr. & Timber Specimens.
"   "    "               G.M. Collective Exhibit.
"   "    "               B.M. Clays, Kavlins, etc.
"   "    "               B.M. Iron and Manganese ores.
"   "    "               S.M. Curindum, mica, graphite and Asbestos.
"   "    "               B.M. Sugar cane and Syrup, superior quality.
"   "    "               G.M. Display of cotton seed and wool products
"   "    "               G.M. Agricultural Exhibit.
"   "    "               G.M. Collection of fruits in glass.
State of Kansas          S.M. General Agricultural Exhibit.
"   "   "                S.M. Collection of fruits.
"   "   "                S.M. Mineral Stone
"   "   "                S.M. Educational Work, maps of grain, etc.
"   "   "                B.M. Field and Garden Seeds. Silk Cocoons.
"   "   "                S.M. Collection of fruits.
"   "   "                S.M. Exhibit of agriculatural products.
"   "  Montana           G.M. General Agricultural Display.
"   "    "               S.M. Exhibit of fruits in jars and fresh.
"   "  Missouri          G.M. General Agricultural Exhibit.
"   "  Iowa              G.M. General Exhibit of Agricultural Products.
State of Oregon          G.M. Fresh fruits grown in Oregon
"   "    "               G.M. Lumber and timber specimens
State of Oregon          G.M. Agricultural and Forestry exhibit.
"   "    "               G.M. Forestry specimens scientifically prepared 
								and arranged.
"   "    "               B.M. Geological specimens
"   "  Nebraska  HIGHEST AWARD  Display of the fruits of the state.
"   "      "             G.M. Collection of Agricultural exhibits.
"   "  Minnesota         G.M. Minnesota Building.
"   "      "             S.M. Large and interesting collection of foreign
						and domestic honey and also Exhibit of honey from the 
"   "     "              S.M. Agricultural Exhibit.
"   "  Utah              S.M. General Agricultural Exhibit.
"   "  Texas             G.M. General Exhibit.
"   "  North Dakota      G.M. General exhibit of Agriculture.
"   "  Nevada            B.M. Collection of Agricultural Exhibits.
State Bureau of Mines
Colorado                 G.M. Collective display of minerals and ores and
excellence of installation.
Sterritt, S.D.           H.M. Fresh oranges and quinces.
Stewart, S.B.            G.M. Display of bulbs of various kinds
Sterling Mfg. Co.        G.M. Disc Harrows seeders and corn stalk cutters.
Stilson, L.D.            H.M. Honey in different stages of granulation.
Stilson, L.D.            S.M. Honey sugar.
"      Winnie L.         G.M. Very fine granulated honey, dry with distinct honey
flavor.  Honey producing plants, pressed and mounted.
Stahman, W.J.            B.M. White clover extracted honey.
Stilson, L.D.            G.M. Samples of honey.
"      "                 S.M. Heartsease comb honey
"      "                 S.M. Heartsease extracted honey.
Stolley, Wm.             B.M. Sweet clvoer extracted honey
"      "                 S.M. Sweet clover comb honey.
Stover Mfg. Co.          S.M. Crushers, grinders and elevators.
Stable Carriage Co.      G.M. Buggies
Stoddard Mfg. Co.        S.M. Havanna Press Drill.
Stoughton Wagon Co.      G.M. Stoughton Farm Wagons.
Standard Paint Co.       H.M. Paints and car linings.
Stanton County, Nebraska B.M. Educational Work.
Stevenson, J.W.          S.M. Collection of strawberries.
Sutton, Capt. Alophus    B.M. Kelsey Japan plums.
Sugar City Ceral Mills   S.M. Wheatling.
Sunset Seed & Plant Co.  G.M. Assortment named sweet peas in the ground and
Sutton, M.L.             S.M. Native mossess.
Superior Drill Co.       G.M. Superior Beet Disc Drills.
Sutherlin, W.D.          C.M. Pres. Montana Comission.
"        W.H.            C.M. Vice President for Montana.
Swift & Co.              G.M. Bacon
"   " "                  S.M. Hams
"   " "                  H.M. Beef extract.
"   " "                  S.M. Exhibit.
"   " "                  G.M. Cotsuet
"   " "                  H.M. Wool Soap
Swift & Co.              G.M. Refrigerator Car
Swift, R.B.              M.   Juror.
Swain, Mrs. Sarah        B.M. Accouchment chair.
Swink, G.W.              S.M. Alfalfa Extracted Honey.
"    "                   S.M. Alfalfa Comb Honey.
Swartz, Joseph           C.M. Chief Flagman, Dept. Build's & Grnds.
Swope, Milt.             M.   Juror.
St. Louis Co. Hort. Soc. S.M. Display of fruits, 187 plates.
"   "    S.W. Ry Cotton
Belt Route               G.M. Collective Ex. of Agricm. & Forestry
St. Charles Condensing Co., S.M. Evaporated Cream.
St. Joseph Pump Co.      G.M. Perfection Elevator pumps.
St. Joe Lead Co.         S.M. 50 pigs of lead.
St. Helen's Mining Co.   H.M. Free Golding Milling ore.
Sharples Co., The        G.M. Tubular & Standar Cream Separators 
Milk Testers and combined churns.
Tarchow, T.H.F.          G.M. Oranges and Pomelo.
Taft, Dr. O.H.           G.M. Dental Work.
Tanner, A.W.             B.M. Superior collection of Garnets.
Taylor, B.F.             B.M. Broom corn Dent corn and potatoes.
"     C.R.               H.M. White corn.
"     Olney              B.M. Collection of apples and peaches.
"     F.W.               C.M. Suptm. Bureau of Agric. Hort. Forest. Etc.
"     & Son, Wm.         B.M. Fresh & pears.
Tapager, Jens M.         B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Talmage, Dr. J.E.        B.M. Display of Selenite.
Tarrant, Henry           S.M. Collection of apples
Territory of Oklahoma    S.M. Territorial Ex. of Agricultural Products
"       "  New Mexico    S.M. General Agricultural Exhibit
Texas State Exhibit      S.M. Agricultural Horticultural & Farm Products
"    "       "           S.M. Tobacco in Leaf
"    "       "           S.M. Cotton in lint & seed
"    "       "           S.M. Flax, hemp, jute and Ranne
Teeter, F. H.            B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points
Teilman & Co. M.H.       B.M.  "        "    "     "   "
Templetom, Jno. A.       C.M. Chief Clerk Dept. Buildings & Grounds
Terry, A.H.              B.M. 12 varieties apples and small fruits
Thompson, H. H.          S.M. Malta Blood oranges
"     "                  S.M. Improved Naval oranges
"     "                  S.M. Valencia Late Oranges
"    C.C.                H.M. Hungarian Prunes
"     "                  H.M. Dries Peaches
"   & Sons Mfg. Co.      S.M. Lewis Gasoline Engine 
"   Elihu                G.M. Personal Electric Exhibit
"   Lewis C.             		Butter scoring above 97 points
"   D.E.                 M.   Juror
"   George W.            C.M. Vice President for Washington
Thorpe, S.R.             H.M. Dried Apricots
Thom, Capt. C.E.         B.M. Pomelo and Tangarine Oranges
Thomas, S.A.             H.M. White Corn
Thayer, Co. Neb.         S.M. Educational Work
Thorpe As.               B.M. Peaches, plums, apples, grapes
Throckmorton & Griffith  H.M. Potatoes
Thatcher, Mrs. H.        G.M. Drawn Work
Thaine, D.               H.M. Wheat from Newton Co., Kansas
Tollotson, Gov.          B.M. Minnesota Flour
Tirrell & Son            S.M. Pine neddle wood
Tobacco Wrhsing & Trading
Co.                      H.M. Shoys Dipping Powder "Swinebath"
Toole, Wm.               S.M. Fall and winter apples
Tosta, Anton             H.M. Corn
Tourney, A.G.            H.M. Alfalfa Extracted Honey
Tonganozie Creamery Assn.B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points
Treat, Mrs. Hanna        B.M. Orange cling Peaches
Trenton Pottery Co.      B.M. Bathroom appliances
Trail Co., North Dakota  B.M. Yellow Corn
Translucent Fabric Co.   G.M. Translucent Fabric Co.
Tuttle, G.S.             H.M. Inlaid table and wall pocket
Turnbull, Jno. H.        B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points
"    "    "              G.M.  "     Highest ave. Scor, Five Exhibits
"    "    "              S.M.  "     scoring above 97 points
Union Club of Tecos Valle, 
New Mexico               G.M. Wheat
Union Fruit Co.          B.M. Fruits
"   Stoneware Co.        S.M. Stoneware
Union Metallic Cartridge Co. G.M. Ammunition of all descriptions
"    Pacific Coal Co.    S.M. Coal

Union Pacific Ry. Co.    G.M. President Abraham Lincoln's Car constructed
at the U.S. Military car shops, Alexandria,
Virginia, in 1864
University of Missouri   S.M. Automatic Gas Generator
"         "              G.M. Studies in Bacteriology & Pathology
"         "              G.M. Entomology
"         "              G.M. Study of Color on heat rays of the sun
"         "              G.M. Department of Mechanics
"         "              G.M. Department of Engineering
"         "              G.M. Photographs and charts
"         "              G.M. General Exhibits
"         "              G.M. Food and Fuel values
"         "              G.M. Department of Physics
"         "              H.M. Phonetic Tracings
"         "              G.M. Department of Agriculture
"    Nebraska            G.M. Timber Exhibit
"    Colorado            G.M. General Educational Exhibit
U.S. Supply Co.          B.M. General Exhibit
"    "    "              C.M. U.S. Syphon Jet
"    "    "              S.M. Plumbers Supplies
"    "    "              S.M. Automatic Stock Waterer.
"  Government            G.M. Indian Student Farm Wagon
Utah Silk Exhibit        S.M. Silk
"  Onyx Co.              S.M. Display of Utah Onyx.
Ulrich, Rudolph HIGHEST AWARD Symmetry and Artistic effect of the landscape
								architecture of the Exposition Grounds.
U.P. Railway System      B.M. Transportation Exhibit.
						 G.M. Furniture car, box car & stock car modern
     						equipment, latest improved appliances forsafety
							and convenience and increased storage capacity.
						 G.M. Modern locomotive, 1600 class designed and
								constructed at the Omaha shops.
						 G.M. First Locomotive in service west of the 
							Missouri River used by the first constructed
							 transcontinental Ry.
"Unknown"  Minnesota     B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points
Usher, Wm.               G.M. Collection of fruits from Eagle Valley County.
United Typewriter & 
Supplies Co.             S.M. Artistic Installation of exhibits
Utt, J.E.                C.M. Assistant Chairman Bureau of Awards.
Val Blatz                G.M. Export Beer
"   "                    G.M. Malt, "Virine"
"   "                    S.M. General exhibit
Vache, T. & Co.          S.M. Port and Angelica Wine
Van Orsdel, W.N.         B.M. 28 plates of grapes
"   Solen, Mrs.          H.M. Corn grown by the Sioux Indians
"   Brunt, Henry A.      S.M. The Old Hickory Wagon
"    "        "          B.M. The Muller Buggy
"    "        "          G.M. Hull & Skinner Trap
Van Brunt, Henry A.      B.M. Patterson Buggies
"    "        "          G.M. Forbes Buggy Cover
"    "        "          S.M. Webster Vehicles
Van Brunt, Henry A.      G.M. Columbia Buggies
"  Vleck Winter Chemical Co.G.M. Medicines and remedies 
Van Vleck Minter Co., Cleve, G.M. Medicines and remedies, Thyroin, V.V. 
Cleve, St. Louis
Vicht, G.                S.M. Mechanical Tory
Vincent & Schofield      H.M. Corn
Vilmorin Andrieux & Co.  G.M. Exhibit of Sugar Beets seeds & chart
Vind, H.                 B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points
Vinsonhaller, W.G.       C.M. Vice President for Arkansas
Vorris, W.W.             B.M. Collection of Fruits
Vritton, Louis           S.M. Traveling Trunks
Waters, G.H.             S.M. Canned Fruits
"  H.J.                  H.M. Broom corn in brush dressed
"  E.W.                  S.M. Corn from Lewis Co.
"   "                    S.M. Grasses  "  "   "
"  "                     H.M. Ky. Blue Grass
"  G.W.                  S.M. Oats from Lewis Co.
"  H.F.                  H.M. Dwarf Soy Beans
Wallace, Henry           S.M. Colleciton of Hicks Grapes & other grapes
Warner, J.M.             H.M. 8 plates Bellflower apples
Wagoner, Charles         H.M. Persimmons
Watkins, Mrs. C.F.       H.M. Crayon
"   T.E.                 C.M. Juror
Waterman Pen Co.         G.M. Ideal Fountain Pen
"   Mrs. R.              H.M. Quilt
Waclark Wire Co.         G.M. Copper wire
Walker & Sons, Ltd.      G.M. Canadian Club Whiskey
Washburn Crosby Co.      S.M. Minnestoa Flour
Walberg Hans G.          S.M. Hops
Walker & Clark           H.M. Graphite
Wagner, John             B.M. Infusorial Earth
Washington Co. Neb.      S.M. Agricultural Exhibit
"         "              S.M. Educational Work
Wayne Co., Neb.          B.M. Educational Work
Wash. Co. Neb. Agri. 
Society                  H.M. Spring Red Wheat
Watson, John W.          H.M. Corn
Wahoo Creamery Co.       S.M. Butter scoring above 97 points
Watts, C.W.              B.M. Seedling Cherries & Kentish Cherries in liquid.
Walsh, Jas.              G.M. Artistic Installation of Douglas Agricul. 
Walker, C.B.             G.M. Valuable services in connection with the Fine
Arts Exhibit.
Wakefield, J.A.          C.M. General Secretary, in recognition of honorable
Wadley, S.B.             C.M. In recognition of honorable services as
Supt. Dept. Concessions & Privi.
Wallweg, F.W.            C.M. Juror.
Ward, Maj. H.C.          C.M.   "
Watson, S.T.             C.M.   "
Ward, Mrs. H.C.          C.M. Juror
Wallace, John A.         C.M.   "
Wallace, Eugene, C.M. V  C.M. Vice President for Oklahoma
Warren Electric Specialty
Co.                      B.M. Incandescent Lamps.
Waterman, L.E.           G.M. Ideal Fountain Pen

Wands, Mrs. E.           S.M. Fruits and vegetables preserved in water for
table use.
Wedge, Austin            H.M. Globe Peaches
Westenhouse Machine Co.  G.M. Westenhouse Compound Engines.
Weston Engine Co.             
"   Electric Co.         G.M. Electric Exhibit.
"   Electrical Instrument
Co.                      G.M. Meter for measuring Electro-motive force.
Weston Byron             G.M. Ledger papers.
Western Telephone Construction
Co.                      B.M. Telephone apparatus, equipments and appliances.
Western Union Telegraph Co.,G.M. Historical Exhibit.
"     Coal Mining Co.    B.M. Bituminous Coal
"       "    "    "      H.M. Eureka Coal
"       "    "    "      S.M. Jenny Linda Coal
"       "    "    "      H.M. Lexington Coal
"    Rock Salt           S.M. Rock Salt
"    Laundry Co.         G.M. A fir log 62 ft. long & 30" square
"    Coal & Mining Co.   S.M. Denning Coal
"    Electric Co.        G.M. General Exhibit
"    Clay Mfg. Co.       B.M. Darintile, Hollow Brick, Terra Cotta, Chimney
 								 pipes and sewer pipe.
Werkheimer Swatts Shoe Co.,G.M. Men's heavy Shoe wear
Wells & Co., M.D.        G.M. Farmer's Miners & Mechanics heavy boots &
Welding Compound Co.     G.M. Welding Compound
Westinghouse Electric Co.G.M. General Electric Exhibit.
Wear Coal Co.            B.M. Bituminous Coal.
Werherill, W.C.          B.M. Zinc Ores.
Webb City Club           S.M. Zinc and Lead ores.
Weilage Mfg. Co., H.G.   S.M. Compressed Air washer
Webster Co. Nebr.        H.M. Educational Work
Wells Richardson & Co.   G.M. Diamond Dyes
"       "         "      G.M. Butter Color
Wessels, M.J.            S.M. Collection of Fruits.
"       "                S.M. Collection of fruits in jars.
Webb, G.A.               S.M. Fresh Fruits, Cherries Raspberries, etc.
Wesley Mfg. Co.          B.M. Collection of fruits
Webb, A.W.               S.M. Fresh fruits, Cherries, apples, pears, peaches,
plums, etc.
Wernicko, H.             S.M. Still
Weber Wagon Co.          G.M. Weber wagon and Weber one horse wagon
Wells, Mrs. W.H.         S.M. Lace and embroidery
Westphalen, Mrs. C.      H.M. Quilt and rug
Wernter, A.              C.M. Juror.
West, H.                 C.M.   "
West, Oliver             C.M. Chf. Insp. Dept. Concessions & Priv.
Western Coal Mining Co.  S.M. McAllister Coal
"      "     "    "      B.M. McAllister 72 hour coke
"      "     "    "      B.M. Rich hill coal
"      "     "    "      S.M. Fleming Coal
White Sewing Machine     G.M. Family sewing machine
"   Rock Mineral Spring Co. G.M. High class effervescent mineral water.
"    "     "       "    "   G.M. Ginger ale.
"   H.                   H.M. Sandstone
White & Co., F. & S.C.   S.M. Sulphur
White Sewing machine Co. B.M. Bicycles
"   Wm. R.               G.M. Automatic Drive Gate & Frame Gate.
"   F.S.                 H.M. Apples
Whittier Fruit Exc.      B.M. Eureka Lemons
Whipp, J.C.              B.M. Carved Sandstone Mantel
Whitford, G.M.           S.M. White clover extracted honey
Whitcomb, Mrs. E.        G.M. Designs in Beeswax
Whitman Agricultural Co. G.M. Baling Press.
Whitford, C.A.           B.M. General Collection of Fruits.
Whittier, C.             B.M. Apples and crab apples.
Whitford, G.M.           H.M. Honey vinegar.
Whitcomb, Mrs. L.        S.M. Sweets in which honey is made to take the
place of sugar.
Whitmore, H.P.           G.M. Valuable services in connection with the Fine
Arts Exhibit.
Whitcomb, E.             C.M. Supt. Apiary
Wheeler, A.M.            G.M. Sec'y N.Y. Commission.
Whitaker, S.T.           G.M. Supt. Utah Exhibits.
"       "                G.M. Design & Decoration Utah Booth in Mines &
							Mining Bldg.
Wilde, Jas. B.           B.M. Dewberries and Cuthbert red raspberries.
Winkley Artificial 
LimbCo.       HIGHEST AWARD. For artificial limb, the slip socket is 
especially recommended.
Williams, Mrs. J.T.      B.M. 21 plates of apples.
"       M.J.             B.M. 7 varieties apples, fine.
"       Typewriter Co.   B.M. Typewriter
"       C.E.             H.M. Exhibit of apples.
"       Mate             S.M. Raspberry extracted honey recommended for 
							purity quality and excellence of flavor.
"    Hayward Shoe Co.,   H.M. Exhibit of Shoes.
"       Theo.            G.M. Plums
Wilson, C.L.             B.M. Peanuts.
"     W.P.               G.M. Director Phila. Museum
"     S.                 H.M. 12 varieties grapes.
Winner, Mrs.             B.M. Pound pears.
Widell & Co.             B.M. Mantel
Wichert & Gardiner       G.M. Ladies fine shoes.
Winslow Bros. & Co.      G.M. Wrought iron work.
Wiltzins, M.H.           G.M. Collective Exhibit of Ecclesiastical goods.
Will, Oscar              H.M. Yellow corn and oats.
Winkle Terra Cotta Co.   S.M. Mfg's material made from terra cotta
Withycombe, James        B.M. Wool
Witte, H.L.F.            S.M. White Clvoer Extracted honey
Winchester repeating Arms
Company                  G.M. Repeating rifles & Shot guns, single shot rifles
and reloading tools, metallic cartridges, paper shot, shells, etc.
Wisconsin State 
Horticultural Society    G.M. Exhibit pears, peaches, plums, etc.
Williamson, M.A.         H.M. Williamson car coupler.
Withington & Cooley      G.M. Agricultural Implements & Tools.
Wild, Joseph             B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Wigginton, W.W.          B.M.  "        "     "    95   "
Wills, T.                B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Wigginton, W.R.          S.M.  "        "     "    97   "
"        J.M.            B.M.  "        "     "    95   "
Wis. St. Hort. Soc.      S.M. Exhibit of apples grown in state
Wilmore, W.W.            G.M. Display of dahlias
Wirt & Kuax Mfg. Co.     S.M. Hose Reels
Wiggins, Frank           G.M. Commissioner, Los Angeles, Exhibit.
"      Mrs. Frank        G.M. Services as Juror.
Wilcox, J.F.             G.M. 200 varieties plants and flowers.
Woollacott, H.F.         G.M. Chayeau Royal wine and Chayeau
"          "             S.M. General Exhibit of wines, Zinfandels & Reishings
Wornalk, B.              B.M. Collection of apples.
Woollacott, H.F.         S.M. Educational Exhibit.
Worcester Corset Co.     G.M. Corsets.
Women's Board of Trade
Sante Fe, New Mexico     G.M. Gold and silver filagree table
Woodman Linseed oil Co.  G.M. New and Boiled Linseed oil, and Lindseed coke.
Woman's Flax Growers Ass'n.,S.M. Scutched Flax
Wolfs Roller Mill        B.M. Minnesota Flour.
Worden, F.H.             B.M. Minnesota Flour.
Wood, John T.            B.M. Collection of apples.
Wortman, H.              H.M. Corn
Walcott, W.C.            B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points.
Woodward, Clarke & Co.   B.M. Medicinal Books & Preparations.
World's Supply Co.       S.M. Metal polish
Wyman, T.E.              C.M. Supt. Manual Training.
Woolworth, Jas. M.       C.M. Chairman Bureau of Awards.
Wright Co. Hort. Soc.    G.M. Display of fruits, 727 plates.
"    Mrs. S.G.           H.M. Ceramics.
"    & Co., F.H.         H.M. Condenseed Smoke.
"    J.M.                B.M. Cultivators.
"    Bust Form Co.       H.M. Bust form.
"    Geo. F.             C.M. Vice President for Iowam.
Wragg, M.J.              B.M. Apples and plums.
Wright, J.               B.M. Apples, plums & Pears.
Wigman, T.E.             C.M.Supt. Manual Training Exhibit.
Wycoff, Seamans & Benedict, G.M. Artistic Installation of Exhibit.
Yucca Mfg. Co.           S.M. Surgical bandages & Splints manufactured of 
Yale, Madam              H.M. Face Bleaches and Toilet preparations.
Younger & Co.            G.M. Continuous display of apples.
York Co. Neb.            S.M. Educational Work.
Yeaman, F.S.             B.M. Collection of fruits.
Younger Co. Ltd. Wm.     G.M. Sparkling Scotch Ale.
Yager, J.H.              B.M. Plums
Yocum, F.W.              B.M. Snow peaches
Zastro, Wm.              H.M. Philatilics
Zettled, Joe             S.M. Seedling Apples
Zimmerman, August        B.M. Butter scoring above 95 points

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