Mrs. Brooks Begins Her Work of Modeling in Refrigerator Car.

"The scores on the inspection for judgment of the first display of butter in the Dairy building will not be officially announced until Director Dinsmore returns, which will be in a few days.

But it has been ascertained certainly through unofficial sources that the first medal has been awarded to Iowa. About eighty tubs or several thousand pounds were in the competition from half a dozen states.

The favored tub went as a gift from the judge, Mr. Colyer of Chicago, to Superintendent Hardt of the exhibits departments, who will divide up his prize among his friends.

Today visitors saw a more interesting sight than has heretofore been seen in the building, for Mrs. Caroline Shaw Brooks of St. Louis began modeling in butter. The work is done in the Refrigerator Transit company's car, and furnishes the Missouri exhibit, Mrs. Brooks is not simply a butter artist, but a professional sculptor.

She has done some work of wide celebrity in marble, one of her best pieces being the group of the daughter of Commodore Vanderbilt and her family, which won the medal at the World's fair. People who remember the Centennial exhibition do not forget "The Sleeping Iolanthe," the woman in butter. That was Mrs. Brooks' work. A few years after that she went to Italy with more orders than probably any other sculptor had at that time taken there, and spent eight years working in Italian marble.

Mrs. Brooks says that she finds butter better for modeling purposes than clay or in fact everything else.

She began her work here at noon. She will make a bust of Admiral Dewey from a photograph, and wants, when that is done, to do some famous woman. As to who it shall be she would like to have the public express a preference. Clara Barton, Frances Willard and Julia Ward Howe have been suggested.

Mrs. Brooks was asked how long it would take her to complete Dewey.

"Why," she answered, "how long will it take a person to write a poem at the cannon's mouth?"

... The car has been draped in blue in such a way as to bring out by contrast the full color of the butter."
"Iowa Receives First Medal for Butter", Evening World-Herald, July 7, 1898: 5.

"American Transit Company Display"

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