Temple of Palmistry
The Temple of Palmistry was an exhibit were tourist's could go to have their palms read. Although the palm readers thought of themselves as professionals, most did not take them seriously. The following statement was printed in the souvenir program about the Temple of Palmistry. "It as an error in our first issue to call the Temple of Palmistry a 'Wizard's Temple', and we hasten to take off our hat to the fair ladies whom we so inadvertently offended by calling them "Gypsies." They hail from the School of Palmistry of Chicago, and have been taught to read your past and future from the lines in your palm. They see the life-line where it is crossed by sickness, accident, misfortune, success, failure, love, marriage, and all other vicissitudes. Neither spiritualists nor mind-readers, they hold your hand, look at its lines, and tell you what they mean according to the rules of the science of palmistry.