Photographs by F. A. Rinehart 1898
© Omaha Public Library 1998

tmi02100 . . .
(Back Row: L-R) The Man; Red Dog, Subchief; Yellow Boy
(Front Row: L-R) The Man's Daughter; Fierce Woman; The Man's wife; Good Road Girl; Flying Hawk, Red Dog's Son; Daughter of the Man; Hairy Head, Red Dog's Daughter (Assiniboine)
tmi02101 . . . Yellow Boy & Red Dog (Assiniboine)
tmi02102 . . . Dan. Martin, Halfbreed, Interpreter (Assiniboine)
tmi02103 . . . Red Dog, Wets It, The Man, Chiefs (Assiniboine)

tmi02105 . . . Cloud Man and Looking (Assiniboine)
tmi02106 . . . Growing-Four-Times & Girl Who Stays Home, Kills Two (Assiniboine)
tmi02107 . . .
(Back Row: L-R) Travels-in-Night; Looking; Dragonfly;
(Front Row: L-R) Has-a-Tooth; Door, Looking's Wife; Comes-Out-And-Flies; Cree Woman; Good Hail Girl (Assiniboine)
tmi02108 . . . The Man's Daughter (standing); Fierce Woman; Good-Road-Girl (standing); Door (Assiniboine)
tmi02109 . . . Hawk, or Jessie Wets It; Katy Campbell or Mrs. Wets It; Chief Wets It, virtual Head Chief; Eagle Boy, or Joshua Wets It; Girl-that-Kills, or Gertie Wets It (Assiniboine)